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#BEDN Day 2: Something I made

Today has been a day of trying to get back to normality… So I put together flat pack furniture for the evening. I was really fed up of my old tv unit as despite being quite large it had very … Continue reading

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#SBBC Day 19: Storage

This is going to be a fairly pic heavy post as I am loving my current setup for makeup storage. Now, I am going to do like they do on YouTube and put a disclaimer on this… I am makeup … Continue reading

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Sunday Shopping – August 25th 2013

I travelled to Dublin today to meet a friend and her younglings for a cinema trip – finally got to see Despicable Me 2. Well worth the wait! I also had it in my head to do some shopping… I … Continue reading

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#JuneBBC Day 24: Alternative uses for products

Initially when I came up with this idea for a post I was thinking of things like using concealer as an eyeshadow base or lipstick as a blusher but to be honest, I don’t do those things! So I started … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 24: Lipstick collection and storage

Todays topic is supposed to be “Whats in your fridge” but basically I really need to do grocery shopping so mine is looking rather bare. One thing that isn’t looking bare however is my lipstick storage area! I’m in the … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 17: Earring storage

Todays suggested post for #BEDM is about my walk to work. I don’t walk, I drive as I frequently need my car for work and also it’s about 20km away from where I live. On top of that, I drive … Continue reading

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