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#SBBC Day 4 revisited: Positives about blogging

When I first started blogging it was over on Blogspot and really it was because loads of friends had blogs and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. When I look back on it now I am mortified … Continue reading

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#SBBC Day 30: Reflection

So, we’re finally at the end of #SBBC! What a strange month September was for me… I had *LOADS* going on in my personal life, I moved office in work and I was trying to balance #SBBC with all of … Continue reading

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#SBBC day 28: Where will I be in 5/10/15 years?

Where will I be in 5, 10 or 15 years? The honest answer is that I don’t know. I don’t think anyone does – and like they say “Life is what happens when you are making other plans!” so anything … Continue reading

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#SBBC Day 27: My most expensive makeup – Lorac Pro Palette

Hands down my most expensive item of makeup has to be my recently acquired Lorac Pro palette. It retails for $42 on Sephora.com but considering I ended up ordering lots more stuff just because I wanted it and it involved … Continue reading

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#SBBC Day 24: Brand focus – Lush

A brand I use a lot and really like is Lush. They have two stores in Dublin (Grafton Street and Henry Street), as well as stores in Cork, Newry and Belfast. You can find their full list of stores in … Continue reading

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#SBBC Day 22: My signature scent

As I have mentioned before, many fragrances trigger my migraines so I don’t often wear perfume. I recently received an order from FeelUnique that included some perfume samples and I fell in love with one – Giorgio Armani Si. It’s available … Continue reading

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#SBBC Day 21: Advice on blogging!

I had a lengthy post planned but as I am still only on my way home from Galway this will be a slightly condensed version. Sharon from Behind Green Eyes has also done a brilliant post so check that out! … Continue reading

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