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Five Favourites Friday #3

There are loads of things I am currently loving and as I missed two weeks I am going to cover some extra today… 1) Snapchat I am loving this as a quick way to be able to send messages to … Continue reading

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Tag: This or That

I have seen this tag on a few blogs lately and thought it looked like fun as it has a variety of topics and questions to answer. There are quite a lot of questions so I will just get onto them! Makeup … Continue reading

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What is my face worth? ~ Budget edition

I originally did the ‘What’s my face worth?’ tag as part of #JuneBBC (here) and the total came to over €200. I decided then and there that I was going to do a ‘budget’ version of this at some stage … Continue reading

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#SBBC Day 19: Storage

This is going to be a fairly pic heavy post as I am loving my current setup for makeup storage. Now, I am going to do like they do on YouTube and put a disclaimer on this… I am makeup … Continue reading

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#SBBC day 17: A photo from my day

Today was a particularly miserable day… It was lashing when I was on my way to work and as some of you who follow me on Twitter may know I got some particularly bad news today so it was a … Continue reading

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#SBBC Day 14: Posts I am proudest of

I have to cheat on this one as I can’t nominate just one post… Personal posts are particularly hard for me. I don’t like to feel so vulnerable. For that reason my “A Letter to 13 year old me” stands … Continue reading

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#SBBC Day 3: What I bring travelling…

I am not good at packing to travel… I tend to just fill the boot of the car and off I go! I bring a makeup bag with as much stuff as I think I may need – you can … Continue reading

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Oriflame event

I had the privilege of being invited to an event showcasing the best of Oriflame makeup this evening and I just had to post about it immediately because it was so amazing! A small group of beauty bloggers were invited … Continue reading

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Eye makeup look #1

I had no idea what to call this so any suggestions are welcome! I have been encouraged by The Nail Affair to post up more makeup pics so let me know what ye think! After doing my blog post last night … Continue reading

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Inglot Colour Play Eyeliner #203

Following on from yesterdays Colour Play event I decided that I was too excited to wait and immediately wore my new Colour Play eyeliner today. I had chosen the purple (#203) as I was told it could be used as … Continue reading

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