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Life Update ~ Where have I Been??

I realise that since August I have vanished off the face of the earth and I apologise for that. I could make 101 excuses but the reality is that I simply lost my mojo… I had plenty of time. In … Continue reading

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#ThinThursday #3

Apologies for vanishing… It wasn’t intentional but I kinda lost my mojo. Especially when on my third weigh-in I had a gain that I really was not expecting! It was only 1/2 a pound but as I had been going … Continue reading

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#ThinThursday Revived.

This is a series I previously did that fell by the wayside – with many other good intentions. You can read past #ThinThursday posts here. As I mentioned in my #dayzeroproject Update post I have lost about 9.5kg since being … Continue reading

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#dayzeroproject A new Year – A new start

Over the past while I have felt quite stuck in a rut so I have made the decision that things need to change. I think I have already mentioned that I am planning a makeover – or rather am allowing … Continue reading

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A sort of #ThinThursday post…

Todays post is more about my health issues than it is about #ThinThursday but at this stage the weight and the health issues are so intertwined for me that it seemed appropriate to do this post under that tag. I … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 30 & #ThinThursday – life update

As I mentioned in my ‘morning ritual’ post I had a hospital appointment yesterday. I have now officially been diagnosed with PCOS. I’ve had all the symptoms for years so it was a relief to finally get the diagnosis and … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 29: Morning ritual

In this post I outlined a regular work going morning. At weekends things are always a little different with me waking, checking my bloods, taking my meds, going downstairs and letting the dogs out, grabbing something small for breakfast and … Continue reading

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