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#BEDN Day 3: Light

This time of year light becomes a big focus in a number of ways. For us bloggers it is a struggle from now til about next May to get lighting for pictures as needed. There will no doubt be many … Continue reading

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#SBBC Day 21: Advice on blogging!

I had a lengthy post planned but as I am still only on my way home from Galway this will be a slightly condensed version. Sharon from Behind Green Eyes has also done a brilliant post so check that out! … Continue reading

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#SBBC day 17: A photo from my day

Today was a particularly miserable day… It was lashing when I was on my way to work and as some of you who follow me on Twitter may know I got some particularly bad news today so it was a … Continue reading

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#SBBC Participants list

When I organised #JuneBBC I did a list of all those participating in it and was told people found it helpful so I am trying to do the same this time around. I’m putting up the rough draft of it … Continue reading

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#SBBC – My First post

Wow – it’s finally here! This has been an amazing day as I have spent half of it reading the #SBBC posts of others. So many people are taking part that I have to be honest and say I am … Continue reading

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Cocoa Brown Lovely Lady Afternoon Tea

On Saturday I had the pleasure of being in the company of some of the loveliest bloggers I know and the team from one of my very favourite companies ever – Cocoa Brown! As part of the launch of Tough … Continue reading

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September Beauty Blog Challenge #SBBC

Well, back in June when we did #JuneBBC it seemed like Autumn was forever away… I got caught up in the emotion of the end of #JuneBBC and agreed that I would run another similar challenge in September/October. So here … Continue reading

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