#JuneBBC is explained best in the introductory post here.

All posts using the #JuneBBC tag are here and category tag are here

My post with the list of participants is here.

Links to the direct posts on my blog are:

1. Favourite eyeliner
2. Favourite brush
3. Favourite hair product
4. What’s in your shower/bath
5. Favourite foundation
6. Disappointing buys
7. Favourite lip product
8. Beauty Wishlist
9. Most recent beauty buy
10. Favourite nail polish
11. A bargain buy you’d recommend
12. An item you have bought because of blogs/vlogs
13. Makeup look you’d love to recreate
14. Favourite mascara
15. Favourite online shop
16. Skincare routine
17. Makeup skill you would love to perfect but struggle with
18. Favourite makeup brand
19. Who is your fashion/style icon
20. Favourite ‘high end’ product
21. Favourite nail look/nail art
22. 5 of your favourite beauty bloggers
23. What’s my face worth
24. Alternative use for an item you have – e.g. lipstick as blusher.
25. Primer – do you use it? Eyes, face etc
26. Best beauty advice you have been given
27. Biggest fashion mistake you have made
28. Favourite cheek product
29. 5 of your favourite beauty vloggers/YouTube videos
30. Recent empties / Reflecting on #JuneBBC

I hope that putting all of this information in one place is helpful!


3 Responses to #JuneBBC

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