As much as I love writing my own blog I love reading the blogs of others even more! Here are a few bloggers that inspire me – it’s also probably the list of people I will blame when the bank manager comes asking questions! 😛

Irish Bloggers
All the Buzz
Anita’s Beauty Blog
Behind Green Eyes
CherrySue – Doin’ the Do
Cuti-clue-les Irish Beauty Blog
Dancing with Disaster
Dolly Rouge
Forever Fabulous in Bows
Glamour Nazi
Lovely Girlie Bits
Makeup Monster Nail Affair
Not just Inside
Pink Sugar Sparkles
Pretty Kitty
Rara Giggles
Total Make Up Addict

Irish Vloggers
Dolly Rouge
Lovely Girlie Bits
Sharon Farrell MUA

Blogs elsewhere:
***Sprinkle of Glitter***
A Thrifty Mrs
Katie & the Kids
Beauty Mouth
More to be added soon!

2 Responses to Blogroll

  1. Nina says:

    Love everyone of these girlies too think they are brilliant and i understand what you mean about blaming them lol i blame them too 🙂

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