Five Favourites Friday #3

There are loads of things I am currently loving and as I missed two weeks I am going to cover some extra today…

1) Snapchat
I am loving this as a quick way to be able to send messages to friends where you just need somthing a bit more than words… I’d like to thank LilliWhiteRose, Kathleen from Squidgy Moments, Kat from Pretty Kitty and many non blogger friends for all the smiles and giggles it has provided me with!

2) My dogs.
I cannot emphasise enough how much I love these guys and how much it is breaking my heart that I cannot currently have them living with me! Phoebe in particular is very clingy when I visit them and I cannot wait to bring her home.

3) Monty Python Live (Mostly)
Also known as Monty Python: One down Five to Go. I went to see this in the cinema on July 20th and loved every minute of it! I also recorded it off the tv on Tuesday 22nd and have watched it at least 4 times since… I had forgotten how much I love Monty Python and being honest I think I have a slight crush on Michael Palin now! Or maybe I could be the next Mrs Cleese! 😛

4) Devious Maids
Those who know me will know I am not a big tv watcher… In fact outside of Home and Away and Greys Anatomy there is very little I have to watch! Devious maids has now fallen into this category. I am so glad to know that there is at least one more series to come!!

5) Raspberries
These are now officially my favourite food. They are a super-speed food in Slimming World and I am probably eating at least 10 punnets a week… Those fruit sellers on the roadside will have me bankrupt but the Wexford ones are really the tastiest!!

Other loves still include
6) the Gym
7) Cooking. I am trying at least one new recipe a week to try keep my diet varied and not get into a rut!
8) Slimming World
9) Shopping my makeup stash and trying to use less loved items now its all organised!
10) Awesome friends – always a favourite!
11) Inspirational quotes on Facebook and Pinterest.

That’s all for this week! What are you loving?


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4 Responses to Five Favourites Friday #3

  1. Thank you so much for the mention!! Snapshot is so much fun with you girls xxx never heard of devious maids going to have to investigate 🙂

  2. You guys always seem to have so much fun on snap chat haha one thing I’ve still to venture into 🙂 Bet you can’t wait to have your dogs back, you feel like part of you is missing when you’re away from them, especially when they’re so clingy and loving x

  3. Looove Devious Maids! Can’t wait for Season 3! x

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