#DayZeroProject ~ Girls Night In.


Back in my original Day Zero Project post I said I wanted to have a girls night in so thats exactly what I planned to do to celebrate my birthday last month. I wasn’t up to too much organisation so I decided to take the easy way out and scheduled an Ann Summers party. I found a rep online that covered my local area and booked in for the Saturday before my birthday; eithout even asking which of my friends were available as I knew I’d be able to get at least 6-8 of them together for a bit of craic and to celebrate my freedom and my aging process!

The party ambassador sent me out some catalogues in advance and advised me to create a wishlist of things I would like for myself as every hostess can get free goodies just by hosting the party. I was also able to give the other catalogues to friends who weren’t able to make it on the night…

On the night itself everything was very simple. The party ambassador arrived 15-20 minutes before the party was due to start and got set up while I was putting my face on. We all topped up our drinks and were given our novelty names for the night and the fun kicked off! We played some games and had some vodka jelly shots thatb she had brought for us and we had a look and feel of the lingerie, costumes and pyjamas the ambassador had brought as part of the ‘bringing the store to the door‘. Then it got on to the ‘juicier’ stuff when there were lots of giggles; but if this isn’t your thing your ambassador is more than willing not to demo the toys as part of the party and focus on the clothing instead.

There was no pressure to buy but the stuff was so nice that most of us decided we deserved a treat! I got €30 0ff my order as hostess and had 2 friends booked parties I would also have received an exclusive hostess gift worth €31. All orders were individually packaged when they were delivered to my house the following week and delivering them/having them collected gave me a chance to catch up with each of my friends again.

If you, or your friends would like a girls night in or a ladies only coffee morning with a difference I highly recommend Ann Summers as an option. You can contact Anne on 087-6729373 or  annsummersdub.meath@gmail.com to book a party… What are you waiting for??

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