#DayZeroProject: Cinema Trips

Part of the #DayZeroProject was to go to the cinema more… And I specified that I would go at least 4 times in 2014 which I have already achieved…

Calvary: I went to this with my parents on one of my breaks from hospital. I’m a massive fan of Brendan Gleeson and really enjoy the dark humour of the McDonaghs both in film and play form!

Begin Again: I went to see this on my own and rally enjoyed it. I think Mark Ruffalo is one of the hottest men on this planet and this quirky feel good story is really sweet and surprisingly not entirely predictable! A bonus was that I really enjoyed the soundtrack. 🙂

Mrs Browns Boys D’Movie: Another film that i went to alone, I enjoy the series and fancied a giggle one of the days… so off I went! It’s exactly what you would expect with lots of giggles. There was one particularly rousing musical number and an impassioned speech at another stage that would honestly make you consider running off to become a Moore Street trader…

The Fault in Our Stars: Another film I went to alone, which was a good thing considering how much I cried… 😥 A great film, based on the book but bring tissues – you have been warned! But if you didn’t know that already, what rock have you been hiding under?

Monty Python Live (Mostly): I’m not sure if this counts as technically it was a live streaming of a cultural event… But it was AMAZING!! So I am counting it – ladies prerogative! Again, I went on my own and i was glad not to have any distractions!

It’s great to have yet another thing ticked off my ‘To Do’ List… Are there any movies you would recommend? Would you go to the cinema on your own? Or do you think it is weird??

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3 Responses to #DayZeroProject: Cinema Trips

  1. Wow, a live streaming of the Python’s show! The Bloke and I would have loved that. i’ll have a look online. Begin again sounds interesting. I need to watch more films myself by myself.

  2. serenasherin says:

    Hi, i’ve nominated you for the ‘One Lovely Blog’ award 🙂 here’s the link

  3. Sharon Leavy says:

    I don’t think it’s weird at all, I wish I had gone when I lived near the cinema years ago!! I haven’t been since Mean Girls, dear god……

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