Five Favourites Friday #2

1.) This week I have been cooking a lot. Slimming world is easier if you are making all your own meals so are in control of exactly what goes into them. Chiccken Chow Mein has been my favourite! I got the recipe off the app but this is it online. I’ve adjusted it using regular and brown noodles and adding extra ginger and chilli to taste!


Pizza was also attempted but not quite as successful!

2.) Slimming World is also a favourite. It was my birthday this week which meant one party and two dinners out – yet I still managed to lose 2lb! That brings my overall weightloss to 10kg since March! 🙂 The gym is also a favourite as I’m convinced it was what kept a gain away!

3. Awesome friends. As I mentioned, it was my birthday this week. I had a girls night in/Ann Summers party last Saturday to celebrate. My friends showed up with EVERYTHING needed for the party so that I wouldn’t need to worry about anything. I’m talking dinner for before the party, snacks, drinks, balloons! I was thoroughly spoilt and had a great night!

4.) New makeup. Between treating myself and being gifted some lovely items there are some real treats in store for you with reviews!

5.) Organised makeup. I have finally got all of my makeup organised. Now that I can see what exactly I have I am spurred on to make more of my stash so I am hoping to do lots of makeup looks for you all in the next few weeks!


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