Easy Slimming World Recipes.

I’m having a Girls Night In/home from hospital/back to my life/birthday party tomorrow night and I really want to be able to have some treats so I decided the best way to do as little damage as possible was to be organised with healthy food for the rest of the day and for Sunday.

1.) Super Speed Soup: this is a soup made of some of the best foods for you and is full of fibre so helps keep you full without overindulging! It’s super easy to make in the slow cooker. I just put two vegetable stock cubes and about a 3/4 litre of water with a head of broccoli, 2 small courgettes, a large onion, 4-5 carrots, passata, and a tin of mixed beans. I left it in the slow cooker on high for abut 6 hours and when all the vegetables were softened I allowed it to cool a little before blending it to remove lumps. I was left with a very thick soup so when I am reheating it tomorrow I will add some stock and possibly some spices for extra flavour…

2.) I struggle to find breakfast foods that keep my interest. Many years ago when I was doing some other diet I came across the idea of pastry free mini quiches as a breakfast food. They are quick to make, easy to freeze and can be adjusted to your taste.

crust free quiches

These are my version of a recipe I saw on Every Word Handwritten Blog (here).


3 eggs
2 scallion/salad onions,
4 mini sweet peppers,
Tesco Healthy Living Black Pepper Cottage Cheese 150G
4 slices Tesco Healthy Living ham – to line 8 tins approx 80g
Oegg Pasteurised egg whites.

(Photo 1.))I lined 8 of the 12 cases with ham instead of adding bacon to the mix as I originally planned. I also sprayed each case with 2 sprays of frylight to stop things sticking!
I then proceeded to chop the peppers and onion into small pieces so they would cook quickly. I divided this mix between the 12 cases before adding a spoonful of the cottage cheese to each one (Photo2.)). I then topped each case up with a mix of egg and egg whites before putting them into a preheated oven for 20 minutes. You can see the finished result in the last photo. Once these have cooled I will freeze them. They should take less than a minute to reheat in the mornings or for lunches, making them a very quick go to option! The cottage cheese can be used as a healthy extra a – making these syn free if you just have one or two (I hope! ~still trying to work out healthy extras!!)

I really think organisation is key to sticking to any plan such as Slimming world on special occasions – what do you think?

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