Ways to be nice…

Recently I had a medical appointment that had the potential to last anything from 20 minutes to 2 hours… As the pay and display parking was €2.20 for an hour of just over €6.60 for 6 hours I paid for six hours as I couldn’t guarantee I’d be out within two hours… Meaning when I was done I still had four hours left on my ticket so to me the logical thing was to loiter near the parking machine and pass it to someone else to use! When I approached the next man to come up I was genuinely taken aback by how shocked he was that I would offer it to him and how warmly he wished me a great day afterwards… It brightened my entire day!

It had gone to the back of my mind until I saw a post on Thought Catalog today titled 64 Ways to be nice. (Link here.)

Here are some of my favourites!

1. Buy a colleague their favourite snack and leave it on their desk. ~ I used to love doing this when I saw someone having a bad day
2. Tell a manager about someone who has given you great customer service. ~ this is lovely to do as people are quicker to critique than compliment!
3. Offer to do the tea round/sandwich run, even if it’s not your turn. ~ Always appreciated in my experience!
4. Bring snacks to that meeting that everyone’s been dreading. ~ Another thing I used to do in work! 🙂
5. Subscribe a friend to a magazine you know they’ll like.
6. Plan a dinner with pals you haven’t seen in a while. ~Nice for you and for them! 
7. Compliment a stranger on their outfit (but only if you genuinely like it)or Tell someone their make up looks good, especially if it seems like they’re wearing something different than usual. ~ Wouldn’t it make your day if someone did this to you!!
8. Add calendar reminders for important events friends have told you about and remember to actually ask how they went. ~ It’s nice to feel that others think you’re important enough to remember about. 
9. Let the person with hardly any items go ahead of you in the queue. ~ Someone did this for me on Friday and I was *so* appreciative
10. Leave that pile of old magazines at the doctor’s surgery/hairdressers. ~ You won’t read them again, its good for the environment and will be appreciated by so many people!
11. Text and ask how someone is. ~ especially if its someone you haven’t contacted in a while!  
12. Leave a comment on a blog (people work really hard on them and mostly it’s like shouting into the void). ~ yes please!! 
13. Give the parent of the crying baby a smile instead of a withering look. ~ think how badly their day is going and give them a break! 
14. Let your friends know about great sales/voucher codes you’ve spotted – everyone loves a bargain! ~ and the only thing better than getting a bargain is getting to share it with others!! 
15. Tell someone when their label is sticking out/their top is on back to front/they’ve got something on their face/there’s toilet paper on their shoe. ~ Wouldn’t you want to be told!?!
16. Take a picture for a group so everyone can be in it. ~ this is so lovely! Especially if someone offers without being asked!
17. Fill a charity bag with clothes you never wear. ~ Makes room for more purchases and helps charity as well as perhaps letting someone else find their perfect clothing item at a bargain price!  
18. Smile more. ~ If I see someone smiling I tend to do the same… It’s a good contagious!
19. Say thank you, always, and mean it. ~ Always nice to feel appreciated!

What cheers you up? What nice things have you done or had done for you lately?

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2 Responses to Ways to be nice…

  1. What a great list! All small very doable things that can make a huge difference! Love it. Here’s to number 12 😉

  2. Redlass says:

    Just found your blog. Love this post. Wandered around Brown Thomas yesterday with my cardi on inside out after trying on some clothes and I’m mad that no-one told me. I always tell people!

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