#dayzeroproject A new Year – A new start

Over the past while I have felt quite stuck in a rut so I have made the decision that things need to change. I think I have already mentioned that I am planning a makeover – or rather am allowing some friends to plan a makeover for me so that is a start! A big part of that is actually the handing it over to someone else which requires a lot of trust but also means that I can’t control or limit it! Kinda scared tbh but I know I am in safe hands.

Yesterday I came across a novel idea on twitter so did some research into it – Day Zero Project. It’s a goals/resolutions based project where you choose 101 goals to achieve in a 1001 day timeframe (2.75 years). A bit like a 30 before 30, 40 before 40 project but can be started on any random day. Mine starts today so will be due to end on 29th September 2016. I calculated this using this website.

It has taken me a good 3 hours to come up with 101 goals – it’s a lot tougher than it seems! I wanted to choose good goals as I am really interested to see where this will bring me. I’m hoping it helps me to feel more productive in myself and that at the end I will be a better organised, healthier, more confident me!

I may come back and reorganise the goals into better categories at some stage and hopefully I will remember to come back each time to cross off what I have achieved.

Blogging goals:
1. Blog more than 222 times in 2014 so that I beat my 2013 total.
2. Organise a blogger event
3. Organise at least one more blogger challenge.
4. Learn how to change my format around so that I can update my blog layout.
5. Learn how to use my camera properly.
6. Set up a proper organised blogging area.
7. Get to 500 blog followers.
8. Run a competition on my blog.
9. Have some of my blogging friends guest post for me.
10. Do some guest posts for other bloggers.
11. I will learn more about SEO.
12. I will learn how to back up my blog.
13. Plan my posts better so I am not a slave to light – or lack of it!
14. Set up a proper Facebook page. Achieved 4/1/14
15. Update and revamp my ‘About Me’ page.
16. Comment on more blogs.
17. Update my blogroll.
18. Do empties posts every 2 months.
19. Make a list of 40 items to use up in 2014.
20. Do more makeup look posts.
21. Learn some photo editing skills.
22. Do a photo a day challenge.

Personal Organisation:
23. Organise and keep a proper address book.
24. Organise and keep a list of birthdays so I don’t forget them.
25. Make a Christmas card list and actually manage to get all of my cards written and posted on time for the first time in years!

Personal Development:
26. Go on a weekend away on my own.
27. Do an evening class.
28. Read more – read 10+ books in 2014.
29. Go on a date.
30. Be more open to social invites.
31. Go to the cinema at least 4 times in 2014 – even if it means going alone.
32. Reduce the amount of negativity I allow into my life – particularly through social media.
33. Find a work/life balance.
34. Join the library.

35. Have friends stay overnight.
36. Go to a comedy show.
37. Go to a cultural event.
38. Host a BBQ.
39. Have a girls night!
40. Attend something in the O2.
41. Go to a music gig.
42. Meet at least one new person that I have interacted with online.
43. Host a dinner party.
44. Go ice skating.

45. Make a list of 100 dvds that I own but haven’t watched yet and watch as many as I can.
46. Get back into making my own cards.
47. Make a Christmas wreath.
48. Get a new caricature drawn.
49. Get a new piercing.
50. Attend a showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show
51. Go to a roller disco.
52. Make candles from supplies I already have.
53. Send flowers to someone.
54. Create a signature cocktail.
55. Go to a fireworks display.
56. Find some new music.
57. Send a letter to my childhood penpal.
58. Print out photos for a photo album.
Places to go:
59. Return to Paris.
60. Travel to Australia again.
61. Travel to America again.
62. Go to the Giants Causeway.
63. Visit an aquarium.

64. Pay off credit card.
65. Have a month where I only buy essentials.
66. Save more each fortnight.
67. Save coins in a jar and cash them in for a treat when it is full.
68. Do the 52 week saving challenge.

69. Get a new kennel for the dogs.
70. Clean the car inside and out every 3 months.
71. Update my underwear drawer.
72. Sort the storage in my kitchen.
73. Donate 101 things to a charity shop.
74. Make French toast.
75. Sort out my spare room.
76. Get my house deep cleaned.
77. Do a wardrobe declutter.

78. Be better with my skincare routine.
79. Go for a whole new look with my hair.
80. Try buy clothes that are less in my comfort zone.
81. Buy and wear a statement necklace.
82. Wear makeup more often.
83. Do a facemask weekly.
84. Wear high heels more often.
85. Learn at least 3 styles to do with my hair.

Health and Fitness goals:
86. Go to bed before 11pm every night for a week.
87. Get up without hitting snooze every day for a week.
88. Lose a minimum of 3 stone.
89. Complete Couch to 5k programme.
90. Stop sabotaging myself when it comes to being healthier.
91. Eat less processed food.
92. Find more healthy recipes for my slow cooker.
93. Drink more water on a consistent basis.
94. Try a hot stone massage.
95. I will have a full month with no takeaways or eating out.
96. I will get into the habit of bringing my lunch to work.
97. Join the gym with work.
98. Try to be more confident and stop worrying about how others see me.
99. Try Zumba or similar exercise class.
100. Go cycling.
101. Eat more fruit.

Would you consider doing this project? If so what goals would be top of your list?

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26 Responses to #dayzeroproject A new Year – A new start

  1. I’d love to do this but i know i wouldn’t get it done. I’d feel let down at myself If I didn’t complete it. Best of luck with it all!!!

  2. robyntmorton says:

    Wow! That is quite a challenge, yet all your goals seem very achievable. I wish you the very best with it xx

  3. Aoife says:

    These goals are all so doable. I’m getting a lot of inspiration for my 2014 list from this post 🙂 I’d love to say I’d do 101 things but I can see myself falling off the wagon very quickly.

  4. I know we have chatted on Twitter already, but I just love this idea! Good luck with them all, will def stop by to see your progress 🙂 xxx

  5. Megan-Rose says:

    Good luck, such achievable goals!! Looking forward to reading all about your progress

  6. Great goals, I think I might set some myself. I can def recommend the hot stone massage in the ritz Carlton powerscourt! Facemask weekly is on my beauty resolutions! Best of luck with it

  7. You picked a great set of challenges. I honestly cannot do things like this. I feel like a failure if I don’t get them all done and it just ends up being counterproductive.

  8. Yayyyy go girlie! You are more than able to complete that list. Love it! x

  9. Really inspiring post! I have complete faith in you! And you know I’ll be there to help in any way I can xx

  10. Sharon says:

    They all sound really achievable and I know from reading your blog already that you are really good at challenges. I on the other hand am really good at writing the lists, but the minute I start trying, I feel like I’m in competition with myself and I rebel almost immediately. Instead, I’m not setting any major goals or challenges this year, I’m doing a couple of book related ones that are kinda foolproof, because I read a lot anyway, so it’s just ticking them off a list of to-reads, I’m also trying to do the 52 week saving challenge but I’m just going to save “something” each week instead of trying to meet the goals. I wish you the best of luck with this, I have no doubt that you will succeed. I try and sabotage myself from the get-go, maybe that’s one I need to work on! xx

  11. Avril Joanne says:

    I loved your lists, really gave me some inspiration for my own x

  12. Wish you all the luck for this new year 🙂

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