#BEDN Day 8: A Day in my life

A day in my life? As I said back in #BEDM, I hope you’re not expecting too much! There haven’t been too many changes since this post.

My life is still very boring I am sorry to say. On a working day my alarm goes off at 7am. I allow myself a snooze or two and then wake up enough to test my blood sugars and take my medication. As a diabetic I have to check my sugars throughout the day to ensure they are doing okay. I’m lucky as I have it pretty much under control but my morning/fasting bloods are the ones I have the least control over and tend to be the highest of the day. I then have a check of my emails/twitter etc while still snuggling in bed. I am not a morning person so I need to allow myself plenty of time to wake up before I go face the general public! After this it’s up, gather together my clothes, quick shower, cleanse and moisturise, get dressed and head downstairs. At this point I let my dogs out into the garden, have a small breakfast, open my post if it has arrived and I finally manage to drag myself out the door.

I moved office in September so my commute is now twice what it was. When I finally make it into the office it’s time to check any messages/emails left from the day before and basically just get stuck in. I used to be really bad for not taking breaks but now they are essential so it’s a short break at 11ish where I grab another small breakfast or snack and I get an half an hour for lunch at about 1pm. I try bring my lunch in otherwise it’s a run to the local shop or the occasional lunch out. I also try to drink 2 litres of water while I am at work. I’m not really a tea/coffee drinker so everyone laughs when I go for ‘tea’ and sit there with my water instead! The water fountain is *just* outside the door of my new office which is very handy.

My working day varies in length depending on what I have to do so sometimes I can be quite late home. I’m supposed to work 9-5 but it’s not always possible. I have gotten much better at it though. Today was a long one as I was on training. That meant that I left my house at 7:45 and wasn’t back til almost 7pm.

After work I tend to head home and it’s a boring routine of cook/reheat dinner, play with the dogs, check my bloods, have dinner, take my medication, do housework, walk the dogs, watch tv, do some additional exercise if I have the energy, chat to friends/family online or by phone… And of course, some internet time – twitter, facebook, Boards, reading blogs and blogging!

My bedtime routine varies. Sometimes I will do a facial to wind down, or a bath with some of my Lush products. I generally listen to some music or watch some videos on YouTube to help me wind down. I sometimes have issues sleeping so I’ll often use some meditation apps to help me get to sleep. I love having fresh sheets and pyjamas so those are the nights I love the most.

Is your day similar to mine? If you are doing #BEDN please leave your link in the comments as I’d love to have a nosey at a day in your life!

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5 Responses to #BEDN Day 8: A Day in my life

  1. Ha, same as you, I’m so not a morning person either. Night owl all the way!

    Mind me asking if your a type 1 or 2 diabetic? My mom is a type 2 Diabetic, so I try to keep an eye on my sugar intake along with doing the aul pin prick test here and there to make sure my sugar levels are regular.

    Must ask what BEDN is? I think was it you that organised a September post every day type challenge before? I really need to keep up with all this stuff as I’d love to partake! 🙂

    • I’m type 2 diabetic. I was diagnosed last year. I talk about it in my ‘Thin Thursday’ posts from earlier in the year.

      #BEDN is ‘Blog Every Day November’ and is the brainchild of Rosalilium. The first ever challenge I did was her #BEDM (Blog Every Day May) challenge and that was the basis for my June and September challenges!

  2. Which meditation apps do you use? I’m still having trouble winding down at night and I didn’t know you could get apps for meditation which I would love to try. You are a busy bee indeed!

  3. i find it interesting reading about everyones day to day life, it’s nice to explore other areas of blogging rather than just beauty and cosmetics 🙂 My days are fairly similar, 1 and a half hour commute to college (sometimes two hours), lectures, tutorials, studying in the library, a brief lunch, and another commute home, if i finish early i bring the dog for a walk, and i work part time too, so it all varies! 🙂 x

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