#BEDN Day 6: National Stress Awareness Day

Today is National Stress Awareness Day apparently. We all get stressed. It is a natural part of life. The issue I see with stress is the severity and/or the duration and the implications of that. Since being diagnosed with diabetes I can tell by my blood sugar readings where my stress levels are. Stress = higher sugar levels… Which in turn stresses me out if I am not careful!

Things that help reduce my stress levels: music, going out for coffee, pampering myself with a facemask.

Symptoms of stress can be cognitive, emotional, physical and/or behavioural. It effects how you behave socially with friends, through to impacting on your immune system, to leaving you irritable and with poor concentration. It effects everyone in a different way so the most important things are to talk about what is stressing you with a suitable person and understanding that each of us have different thresholds of managing stress.

Some more things that reduce my stress: curling up on the couch, watching YouTube videos, bringing the dogs for a walk

For some people stress and other mental health issues become too much for them and they will consider taking their own lives. This is something we very rarely talk about in Ireland but if you are reading this post and feel that way I implore you to please reach out to someone! There are a number of helplines that you can contact if you don’t feel that you can discuss how you are feeling with those closest to you.

The 1life service is available to anyone living in the Republic of Ireland, who may be feeling suicidal, in crisis or worried about a loved or friend. You can contact them on their Freephone Helpline, available 24 hours every day – 1800 247 100 or by texting the word HELP to 51444. 

The Samaritans are another option. You can contact them by phone at 08457 90 90 90 (UK) or 1850 60 90 90 (ROI). See here for other ways to contact them.

Pieta House is also another great resource for those who are feeling suicidal or for people who have concerns that someone is considering taking their own life. You can contact them in a number of ways that are all outlined here.

If you know of any other organisations that you feel may be of help please leave their details in the comments!

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4 Responses to #BEDN Day 6: National Stress Awareness Day

  1. This is an excellent post, every word so true. I’m a stress ball and it’s taken it’s toll on my health over the years. Like you and your blood sugar, I can tell when I’m stressed by my tummy. It’s so so so important to actively monitor your stress levels and plan things to help you relax and recover. Especially in the winter when you’re going out in the dark and coming home in the dark. It can really get in on you!

    No doubt this post will help people in need. Thanks for writing it hun x

  2. Regina says:


    This organisation gives free counselling services to those in need, but also subsidised online counselling to anyone who needs it. A wonderful resource if you need to talk to someone…

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