#BEDN Day 5: Movember purchases

Today’s suggested post was about fireworks – but as we don’t celebrate Guy Fawkes here in Ireland I have instead decided to highlight some of the lovely goodies I purchased in Tiger at the weekend… All ‘Movember’ themed! For anyone who doesn’t know what Movember is you can check it out here.

Tiger Movember magnets memo postits pencils soap dispenser

Firstly, isn’t yer man on the bag only gorgeous! 😉 I just had to include a pic because it made me smile so much!! Next, my purchases!
Set of photo magnets €3
Soap dispenser €3
Memo pads €2
Pencils €2

So for €10 I got some really cute stuff… I’m not sure what I am going to do with them but I’m sure I will find homes for them all in time! I just couldn’t resist.

What are your views on facial hair? What do you think of this kind of ‘novelty’ fundraiser/awareness campaign? And have you been to a Tiger store yet?

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7 Responses to #BEDN Day 5: Movember purchases

  1. Katrina says:

    I love ALL of that! Too cute!

  2. My fiance is doing movember, such a great cause! And flippin love Tiger too, I spend far too much money in there!

  3. Great selection of purchases. I love Movember – for such a great cause and I love getting all mustachio’d up for it too! 😉

    That tiger site looks great – is it new as I haven’t heard of it before? Thanks for sharing! I’ll try not to spend too much on silly stuff now. Yea.. not gonna happen! 😛

  4. Claire Kane says:

    Tiger is fab. Nice bits and pieces in there

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