#BEDN Day 3: Light

This time of year light becomes a big focus in a number of ways. For us bloggers it is a struggle from now til about next May to get lighting for pictures as needed. There will no doubt be many twitter chats on how to maximise light, daylight bulbs, lightboxes etc in an effort to glean enough information to keep our pictures at a good standard.

For me, this time of year is also when I start to use my sitting room more. That means open fires and LOADS of candles. I am more than a little obsessed! At one stage last year I counted 30+ candles lighting in my sitting room. I love it and feel so relaxed sitting in there listening to music or watching a dvd by candlelight. I have Yankee candles, hurricane lamps, tealights… A wide range of candles overall! And my Scentsy burner – a purchase from Adoreabubbles last year that I love!

Do you like candles? Have you a favourite brand? How do you feel about candlelight? Is it just for romance or would you be like me and use it to create a relaxing environment for one?

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6 Responses to #BEDN Day 3: Light

  1. Ellie M says:

    It’s exactly the same here, we use our sitting room way more during Autumn/Winter. It’s just so cosy and relaxing with the fire, candles, christmas lights and blankets.

  2. Big candle fan too! I have never bought any expensive candles, I got one from Home Bargains that smells lovely – it’s Pumpkin Spice!

  3. Hannah says:

    I do love Candles, I did a review of one for #BEDN the companies called The country candle company, I highly recommend!


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