Review: Nima Cleansing Mitt

I first heard about the Nima Mitt following the Christmas blogger meetup last year. It’s a microfibre mitt that claims to remove all makeup (including mascara and eyeliner) using just warm water. When Aisling (TotalMakeupAddict) organised for Niamh Martin (NiMa herself) to come give a talk at the #SBBCWrapUpParty Niamh demonstrated it for us on a model (Suzy from Glamour and Go) and gave each of us one to bring home. I was dubious yet intrigued!

Nima Cleansing Mitt Microfibre cleansing water only chemical free

Niamh told us that she loves white and pink so most of her products follow this trend. The mitt is no exception as it is a lovely baby pink. It fits over your hand – like a mitt! All you need to do is wet it with warm water and rub it in circular motions over the area to be cleansed. Microfibres break down the makeup and remove it without the use of any other cleansers. The only recommendation that Niamh made was to give consideration to using an eye makeup remover if using a lot of eye makeup in order to reduce the amount of tugging on the delicate skin in that area.

Of course, I had to try this out as soon as possible. As you know I wear double wear foundation most of the time so it is pretty difficult to budge. The mitt did remove it – and all other makeup – but my face was left a little red. I’m not sure if this was due to the amount of rubbing I did or if it was more to do with a resurfacing face mask I had used a few days earlier. To be on the safe side (and because I don’t wear makeup every day) I have mainly been using the mitt to give my face a good cleanse on makeup free days and it is working a treat.

To wash the mitt you simply rub it with a bar of soap and create a lather, then rinse away and you should have a clean mitt ready to hang up to dry. You can even use the little loop on it for that very purpose.

I’m loving this mitt and have already decided that it is a ‘must have’ to pack for my next trip away! Anything that does and good job and saves me having to pack lots of liquids is a winner with me. The mitt should last 6-9 months with proper care so is quite a bargain as it retails for a mere €12.95. You can see more details and how to purchase it here.

Have you tried the mitt? Would you trust it to remove all of your makeup?

*Mitt was part of goodies received at the #SBBCWrapUpParty. I was not asked to review it but wanted to share it with you all. 

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