Review: Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip

Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip

We knew it was coming – we had all seen the pics on facebook and twitter. Cocoa Brown have launched their oil free body moisturiser – Chocolate Whip. It will be in shops on November 11th but I was lucky enough to receive one in the post from the Cocoa Brown team last week.

I have to say I’ve been using it lots already as I love the Tahitian gardenia scent that is across the range. This is a fabulous moisturiser that can be used either to prolong your tan or as part of the preparation in advance of it… Or of course, even if you have no intention of tanning at all! It has a brown tint to it but it rubs in clear, leaving nothing but moisturised skin and a fabulous scent. I’m not sure what I expected from an oil free moisturiser to be honest. One thing I have noticed is that less of the product sits on my skin and this means that there is no sticky or oily residue left. I’m also loving the packaging. The pink and white matches the rest of the Cocoa Brown range. The fact that this product is in a tube means that it is easy to dispense and you don’t need to put your fingers into a pot to remove it, potentially leaving bacteria behind.

Chocolate Whip will be available in Penneys, Boots and all other stockists from 11th November and set you back €7.99 for a massive tube!

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5 Responses to Review: Cocoa Brown Chocolate Whip

  1. I can’t wait to try it out! Love how it looks like melted chocolate 🙂

  2. Yeay I reviewed this too today, loving it!

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