Boots Points Event

This is just a quick post to let you all know that the Boots points events have commenced for the run up to Christmas. I don’t think they have launched a full list of the events but the next one is on October 30th in selected Boots stores.

Boots Christmas Points event 2013

I use these events as an opportunity to build up loads of points to use in the sales and treat myself after Christmas when money is a bit tighter. Remember that points can be earned on pretty much everything in store. At the last event I stocked up on toothpaste and deodorant that was on special offer as well as picking up one or two gifts for others (and one for myself!) in the 3 for 2 range. €60 is easily spent! I know I have a few things that I need so I am holding off til the next event to pick those up so that I can make the most savings possible! 😉

It’s also good to note that if you spend multiples of €60 you get an increase in your points too… Even more of an incentive to do all your shopping in Boots this year!

What will you be buying? Do you save or splurge when it comes to Boots points?

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2 Responses to Boots Points Event

  1. chloekeeleypower says:

    I’d been saving my points but when my straightener broke, I used my points to pay for it.. Would love to be around for this!

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