Sugar Cubed

Sugar Cubed could be described as the baby sister to Brown Sugar. It is the brainchild of Mark O’Keefe who realised that in the recession there was a market for a salon targeted at the 18-28 year old market who are looking for funky and on-trend styles at a reasonable price. Now, I am *slightly* above the demographic age but when I got to see Sugar Cubed in person on Wednesday night I was impressed. The place was really buzzing but it was obvious that there was serious attention to detail in the design without it being overly done. Look at the pics to see for yourself!


The salon – without party guests!
(Pics provided by Hunter Communications)

The wash room and the beauty room

For me everything looked great while still being practical and comfortable – I’m at a stage in life where that’s important I guess. 😛 The most interesting bit was discovering that the backwash area (which features really space age/futuristic looking pods) includes smartphone-docking stations so clients can listen to their own music. Why have other salons not thought of this?

The one part of the salon that I didn’t manage to get a photo of was the Soda Stream bar. I thought this was just there for the launch night, but it’s a permanent fixture! Certainly beats the regular tea/coffee offer you get in most salons! 🙂

Sigarcubed Kohl cosmetics hair products

Sugar Cubed use L’Oreal products for colour and treatment of your hair. It also introduces expert Tiago Rodrigues and the exclusive GKHair 15 week blowdry which it claims restores damaged hair to its original, vibrant and healthy state. There is an introductory offer starting from €150 but I’m not sure how long it’s running for so snap it up quickly.

They also have their own range of cosmetics – KOHL cosmetics (facebook). I didn’t get a chance to swatch these but they looked similar to other products I have seen so I would be confident in them. I really don’t think the Brown Sugar/Sugar Cubed teams would accept anything substandard in their salons.

Find Sugar Cubed at the Westbury Mall, Clarendon Street, Dublin 2 or call them (01) 6725750. Online, Sugar Cubed can be found herehere and here. For any students reading they offer a 10% student discount Monday – Wednesday with a valid ID card.

I know I will be paying them a visit before too long. I fancy a makeover and they seem perfectly skilled to help me with that!

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10 Responses to Sugar Cubed

  1. The place looks amazing!

  2. Wow looks fab! I’ve about a month left of being 28, so I’d better get in there stat!

  3. Izzy says:

    Those chairs are fab! My local salon switched to L’Oreal color recently. I think my hair condition is better but the highlights go brassy faster. Sugar cube is a cool name. Where is this salon?

  4. WOW I am really loving the look of this place! It looks like so much fun!

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