#SBBC Day 4 revisited: Positives about blogging

When I first started blogging it was over on Blogspot and really it was because loads of friends had blogs and I wanted to see what the fuss was about. When I look back on it now I am mortified because my photos were horrendous (thank God the gremlins ate a lot of them!) and I didn’t really know what I was doing. When I decided to resume blogging I started this blog – a fresh start! Now that I have been blogging for over a year (and for the last 6 months pretty consistently!) I feel it is a good time to look back on some of the positives. I think we all need reminding of them now and again!

Community – When I was debating whether or not to resume blogging I signed up to twitter with a ‘blog identity’ of @girlfriday_bb. I used this account to follow other bloggers and get involved in the community and it has been amazing! The Irish beauty blogger community has to be experienced to be believed! I don’t know if it is the same elsewhere in the world but to join a mainly online community where you can get support and advice pretty much 24/7 is something really special. We share in a lot of each others ups and downs and are there to provide TLC and Congratulations as needed. Increasingly as I attend more meetups and events I see this community working in ‘real life’ also. A great example being the recent #SBBCWrapUpParty which was organised by Aisling from Total Makeup Addict. It was a truly great evening and had everyone absolutely buzzing about it – but it also raised a nice amount of cash for The Irish Cancer Society through the generosity of the PR companies involved and the bloggers attending! 

Friendship – Out of this amazing community it is inevitable that friendships are formed. I have met some amazing women – male beauty bloggers are a rarity in Ireland it seems! Some of these women I would count as very dear friends at this stage. Some of these wonderful ladies I know in my heart and soul I would never have met were it not for blogging… Be it because of distance, life circumstances or just plain logistics we would never have crossed paths – and I thank my lucky stars that we have! The women I have met include  stay at home mums, beauticians, business women, solicitors, actuaries, nurses… the list goes on! I think every walk of life is represented and we are all united by our love of beauty and a mad notion to put it on t’internet! 😉

Views – Through meeting these diverse women I have had some amazing discussions. We hold varying views on politics, religion, the economy, childcare, travel, health, womens issues and these are openly discussed on a regular basis as topics arise on twitter or elsewhere. We can argue our points quite eloquently – or throw stops depending on the mood – but can also stand united in speaking up for what we feel is right and just. And at the end of the day, overall the issues are put aside and we can bond over a new lippie or a disastrous haircut! It has been my experience that differing views are accepted – once you agree that makeup will always make things better!

And that leads me to my next positive – enabling! No one is better at enabling and justifying a purchase that a fellow blogger… I have 27 red lipsticks – do I need this one? YES! “It has a different undertone.” “It’s limited edition.” “It’s budget so you wouldn’t need to bring your LE one out.” Someone will ALWAYS give you the answer you (but not your bank manager) want to hear! It’s not just about makeup though. Thinking of doing a course but doubting your ability? Considering a new venture? Your blogging beauties have your back! Just ask Anita of Precious Polish – she’ll vouch for us!

Finally I think the last positives that I have experienced about blogging are that it has given me a creative outlet that I wouldn’t have had otherwise and it has given me a new confidence in myself. I love the creative element of the blog – from getting the site looking the way I wanted, designing headers, doing the photography for each post, coming up with makeup looks and so on. It’s an outlet that I don’t have elsewhere in my life and it’s something that I needed. It has added to my own confidence too as it has allowed me to be more ‘me’ and to express a different side of me – one that friends and family members hadn’t necessarily expected. As well as that the overall experience of being part of the blogging community and being accepted just for being me, that would do wonders for anyones confidence so thank you ladies!

One last positive for me from blogging has been that I have run two fairly successful blog challenges – #JuneBBC and #SBBC. These have allowed me to give back a bit to the blogging community and provide some support to newer bloggers. They have also forced me to challenge myself which is always good to do but difficult to push yourself towards. Will there be another in the future? Who knows! What I can tell you is that there are plans being plotted for something special so watch this space! 😉

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16 Responses to #SBBC Day 4 revisited: Positives about blogging

  1. says:

    oh the enabling, no one is better at it than all the ladies on twitter!! 🙂

  2. I completely agree with everything you said in this post- the camaraderie amongst Irish beauty bloggers and how unusual it is that, in spite of the wealth of different backgrounds and experiences that we have, we all come together to share opinions on all things beautifying! This was a great post and I honestly couldn’t have summed it up any better myself! x

  3. Fabulous post, I nodded along the whole way through! 🙂

  4. Yaz says:

    awww lovely written post xx

  5. Great post, missus.
    Absolutely spot on.

  6. Lovely post, I’ve really been overwhelmed by the positive blogging community. I also feel really inspired by all the women who are putting such effort in for something just because they love it! A really inspiring bunch!

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