As you may remember I was one of the lucky bloggers invited to an event where we got to preview the Honeymania range in the Body Shop on Grafton Street and we were given some goodies to try out. As this was well in advance of the launch date I’ve had time to give my spoils a good trial and I am here now to let you know how I got on!

Honeymania Body Shop Ireland Shower gel body butter lip butter

As you can see from the picture I received the shower gel, body butter and lip butter from this range. My short review is: WOW! I love all of these products. The Body Shop are always quality in their goods and these live up to that reputation. What surprised me most about the range is that it isn’t honey-sweet. I expected it to be something similar to It’s Raining Men from Lust Ltd which is also a honey shower gel that is almost like butterscitch in it’s sweet scent. Instead this range has a floral note to it that I can only presume is from the pollen the bees used. It’s amazing and for someone who doesn’t wear perfume these are a dream. They’ve also been great for my dry skin so I can’t rate them highly enough!

Have you tried this range? Do you normally avoid sweet scents?

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4 Responses to #Honeymania

  1. llewsoba says:

    I have the body scrub, smells really good!

  2. My favorite TBS launch to date! Just beautiful.

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