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It’s almost old news at this stage but in case you have been living under a rock I wanted to make sure you knew about the What Salon app – now available for both iPhone and Android and completely free!

The app is the brainchild of Kieran Walsh and David O’Flynn (whose other half was the real inspiration for the idea). Kieran’s background in the beauty industry meant that he was acutely aware of the issues faced by salons in relation to quiet periods and cancellations. This app aims to match up the needs of the consumer and the desire of the service industry to minimise quiet periods and ‘no shows’. The benefits to salon owners include the ability to fill empty appointments; to offer an additional digital marketing avenue; be a part of a family of trusted and approved high-quality salons; and offer the opportunity to discount specific treatments/ specific days up to 30% maximum. The benefit to the consumer is being able to source a quality service at short notice – often with discounts granted in order that salons fill chairs at short notice.

Currently there are over 260 salons registered with the service – mainly in Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick. There are plans to launch the app in the UK also. Any service that does not require a patch test is offered so you can get waxing, hair and nail/makeup done at short notice at a time that suits you. Each salon available on the app is assessed by the What Salon team to ensure they meet their standards so you are pretty much guaranteed to have a good experience (we all have bad days!).

In order to use this app you need a smartphone (obviously!) and a debit/credit card. You download the app, set up your profile (including registering your card) and off you go!

The actual booking process is relatively simple. The app locates where you are and what salons are in the vicinity. You choose what service you want and a time coming up and a message is sent out to all of the appropriate salons in the area to see who is available for that service at that time. Within 3 minutes you will see a list of what salons (if any) are available in the area and you can make your choice out of that. Details shown will include price, distance away and so on so that you can make an informed choice. A booking deposit of 10% is paid at time of booking and the balance is paid at your appointment.

I haven’t had the opportunity to use What Salon yet but I have downloaded the app and had a play with it and it seems to be very easy to use! It’s certainly something I will be bearing in mind when I next find myself in one of the areas it covers with some time to spare.

Would you use a service like this? What do you see as being the benefits?

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6 Responses to What Salon App

  1. Chloe says:

    I’d definitely use it, it’d be handy if you need something done last minute or if your usual salon can’t fit you in! & I like the fact that the salons have been assessed, but I’d still feel the need to do a quick Google of reviews!

    • If you use it I’d love to hear the feedback. I tried in Galway but unfortunately couldn’t get an appointment so I don’t think it’s something you can rely 100% on using. It’s a brilliant idea though so hopefully more and more salons will sign up. Will be great for if on holidays!

  2. This seems like such a simple idea, I can’t believe no one thought of it before!

  3. I had heard of this but wasn’t quite sure what it was all about, also not having a smartphone I obviously can’t get it but it sounds like such an amazing idea! 🙂 x

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