Lush Bath Cocktail ~ Sootball and Pumkin

Sootball Pumkin Lush Halloween 2013

It’s been ages since I did a Lush bath cocktail so tonight I did one using the Halloween range. I decided that Sootball and Pumkin would probably go best together so gave it a try!

How the Sootball ballistic dissolved in the bath

As you can see the Sootball ballistic changed from the black creature into a cloud of golden lustre when it fizzed away in the water. The scent was really nice but I couldn’t pick out any one over-riding scent from it.

Addition of Pumkin to the bath containing Sootball

When the Sootball ballistic was almost dissolved (it takes forever!) I added Pumkin under the running water. The bubbles built up immediately and the water changed to a rich orange colour. The two scents merged beautifully and even now I can smell it in the bathroom hours later!

The water was lovely and luxurious on my skin and I really felt that it was nourishing my skin while I was bathing! There was just one down side…

Black stains on the bath from Sootball

Sootball by name and Sootball by nature! The black from Sootball did not easily wash away and when the bath was emptied I had to give it a good scrub to remove the marks. Not hard to do but not exactly relaxing either!

Would you enjoy this bath? Would the staining put you off?

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7 Responses to Lush Bath Cocktail ~ Sootball and Pumkin

  1. Ohhh it looks lovely! I definitely want to go back and get the pumpkin! There may be some disagreements in the family if I get the sootball because I’m notoriously bad for leaving glitter in the bath….

  2. Those ballistics look really cute!

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