Review ~ Scholl Express-Pedi

It’s no secret that I hate feet, I’ve said it often enough! I especially hate my own feet but have learnt that they do need to be taken care of so I do what I have to. A pedicure is out of the question for me so it’s home maintenance all the way. I never thought it could be as good as I’d get in a salon but a new product has me thinking differently! Introducing the *Express-Pedi from Scholl!

The Press Release describes it better than I can:

The Scholl Express Pedi is an easy to use rotating electric device for the most efficient, effortless and fastest hard skin removal. The battery driven rollers help to effectively remove hard skin instantly, bringing out your natural soft skin in a safe, pain free and effortless way.
• Simply remove the hard skin with even, uniform movements under light to medium pressure
• Special rolling surface for effective hard skin removal
• No sharp blades, includes safety stop
• An ideal solution for removing hard skin from your feet in your own home

The Express-Pedi retails for €49.99 and comes with everything you need to get started. There is no faffing around looking for batteries. It does state that it is not suitable for diabetics so the delay for me was waiting to check with my GP that I could use it as I need to have my feet checked for nerve damage at regular intervals. Luckily I was told to go ahead but to be cautious!

This is an amazing product! I have been using it as needed for about 6 weeks now and my feet are transformed. Initially there was quite a bit of hard skin but once I got this under control I’ve just been using the Express-Pedi as needed to keep my feet silky smooth! I had read some reviews that stated that gadgets such as this actually resulted in hard skin developing on the feet quicker and so were not effective so I wanted to make sure I had given it a good trial before I recommended it. I am glad to say that I haven’t noticed any increase in the rate of skin growth on my feet so if this is an issue for others it certainly hasn’t been for me. It’s also important to note that the roller in my unit has lasted well but I am now on the lookout for replacements so will be picking these up the next time I am in Boots (RRP €15.99 for a pack of two).

Speaking of Boots; they currently have the Express Pedi on special offer at the price of €39.99 so if it’s something you’ve been thinking about I really recommend you snap it up as soon as possible!

*This product was provided by the PR for the purposes of review – hard skin was all my own!

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