#SBBC Day 24: Brand focus – Lush

A brand I use a lot and really like is Lush. They have two stores in Dublin (Grafton Street and Henry Street), as well as stores in Cork, Newry and Belfast. You can find their full list of stores in Ireland and the UK here.

Everyone knows that Lush do bath products and a lot of people comment on the scent of the store but there is more to them than that. Lush have a strong ethos and they make their products from as much organic and vegan ingredients as they can. They do not believe in testing on animals, they try to minimise the enviromental impact of their company and they use a lot of fairtrade products. Part of their minimising the environmental impact involves selling ‘naked’ products so you will find that a lot of their products are sold without packaging unless requested and that what packaging there is is recyclable. They promote recycling by offering a free fresh mask (face or hair) for every 5 regular sized black pots returned to your local store.

In addition to the notorious bath ballistics and bubble bars Lush do some amazing haircare and skincare products. I swear by their Full of Grace serum bar. It is packed full of natural oils and ingredients to hydrate and nourish my skin and calm sensitivities. I also credit Lush haircare products with getting my hair into such good condition. It used to be quite oily but this is no longer an issue since I started using Lush haircare products as they have something for all hairtypes and to address all concerns. Now that Lush have also branched out into makeup I could quite easily spend all day there! Their highlighter and lipsticks are particular favourites.

If you are in any doubt about how much I love this brand you should check out all of my Lush posts… And I can guarantee you that there are lots more to come!

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9 Responses to #SBBC Day 24: Brand focus – Lush

  1. I haven’t bought a single Lush product, ever! I’ve been meaning to dip my toe into it, maybe with the Halloween or christmas specials x

  2. I love lush too. Big fan of their face and hair masks.

  3. Paula says:

    I’m a big fan of LUSH. Angels on Bare Skin has saved my skin more times than I care to mention, whenever I return to it I wonder why I ever stopped using the cleanser in the first place.

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