#SBBC Day 21: Advice on blogging!

I had a lengthy post planned but as I am still only on my way home from Galway this will be a slightly condensed version. Sharon from Behind Green Eyes has also done a brilliant post so check that out!

My advice is:

  • Blog for yourself!
  • Don’t focus on followers, stats and the like. Don’t focus on what others have achieved. You are different and will achieve different things.
  • Build your engagement with the readers you do have. I’d rather 10 regular readers than 100 people who read once and leave again!
  • Don’t blog for free stuff! It’s rare and not always what you are enthusiastic about so don’t rely on it for good content!
  • Don’t rehash the press release! Anyone can do that; I want to know YOUR thoughts – not those of the company/PR!
  • On a similar note, find a look that reflects you and that you are happy with for your blog and try resist the urge to keep changing.
  • Get involved in the community! Bloggers will be your best support in blogging. Chat on twitter, join Facebook groups, comment on others’ posts! You’ll find a whole world of friends you haven’t met yet!
  • Most importantly, ENJOY!


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    8 Responses to #SBBC Day 21: Advice on blogging!

    1. Perfect timing, I just started and this is what I need to read, thank you!

    2. TooManyMuffins says:

      Great advice on engaging with the readers you have! It’s very important!

    3. Fantastic advice! I wish I’d have read a post like this when I started a year ago.

    4. So true! I keep being tempted to change the look of my blog but am going to try resist!

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