#SBBC Day 19: Storage

This is going to be a fairly pic heavy post as I am loving my current setup for makeup storage. Now, I am going to do like they do on YouTube and put a disclaimer on this… I am makeup obsessed. I am a trained Makeup artist and makeup is my hobby. I am also a collector of makeup – why else would I have almost 30 red lipsticks alone? This post is not to show off what I have but it is to show how I store what I know is an excessive makeup collection. 99.9% of my products I have bought myself or had gifted to me by friends/family. I have been lucky enough to get some makeup items from PRs but even without that I have an excessive amount that I could blog about.

So, that done – now on with the show! πŸ˜‰

My makeup/blogging area

This is my makeup/blogging area. I use this for both as I tend to watch YouTube videos or listen to music while I am playing with makeup looks so the laptop lives on this desk! The desk was purchased from IKEA – as were the two Helmers, the magazine storage, the Christmas decoration I am storing my hairbands on and my lamp. The small bookcase was from Argos, as was the mirror. The Helmer under the bookcase is used to store makeup that I don’t have on display on the bookcase and my nail varnishes. The other Helmer is used to store skincare, fragrance and other miscellaneous beauty products.

Helmer Ikea, Liz Earle, Neutrogena, hygiene products,

Skincare Helmer

There are 6 drawers in the Helmer. Each of them has a different purpose. Top drawer is skincare products I am using and samples suitable for travel. The second drawer is my backups of deodourant, toothpaste, shower gel etc. It can’t all be glamour! πŸ˜› The third drawer has backups of cotton pads as well as things like body brushes and exfoliating gloves. Next is a drawer with more cleansers and similar items – that haven’t been opened yet! The fifth drawer holds fragrance items. A lot of perfumes trigger my migraines so this drawer is pretty empty and is likely to stay that way! 😦 The last drawer is luxury samples and products from beauty boxes that I am open to giving away. This is a really handy drawer whenever I have friends staying as if they need anything there is usually something in there to suit their skin type!

The Makeup Helmer

Drawer one is my Urban Decay palettes that don’t fit in the palette storage on the bookcase. I can only fit four in this drawer so it is a bit of a waste and I may move them in future as they tend to get a bit forgotten about. Drawer two holds a multitude of eye makeup products – eyeshadows, pigments, brow kits, primers and mascaras. This is mainly single eyeshadows and duos, trios and quads. Anything bigger is on the shelf! Drawer three is most of my face products – primers, foundations, concealers, blushers, bronzers, highlighters and setting sprays. There is some overflow out of this drawer so I need to sort that out! Drawer four is a very miscellaneous drawer. It used to house all my lipsticks but now that they are on display I use it more for odds and ends that don’t go elsewhere! Next time I rearrange it that will change though. Drawers five and six are for nail varnishes. I managed to slim down my stash before the summer and I haven’t let it build back up again. I’m trying to be sensible as I don’t wear nail varnish as much these days so it really is a waste just leaving them in a drawer to gather dust!

Bookcase storage

Adoreabubbles raved about these book cases from Argos so they immediately came to mind when I was looking for storage. It only cost €18 and it’s a perfect size for storing beauty items. I’ve balanced mine on a Helmer so that it is at the same level as the desk which makes it great for displaying items I may need to use and making sure I don’t just use the same two or three things over and over again. On top of the bookcase I have a Christmas decoration from IKEA that I got last year that is perfect for hanging my hairbands on. Beside this are two magazine storage containers that I use for my makeup magazines, brochures and press releases. (The lamp you can see is also from IKEA.)

On the bookcase itself I have my Inglot palettes and my brushes as well as some eyemakeup remover on the top shelf. My eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners and some random bits and bobs kept in a basket are on the middle shelf. The bottom shelf is essentially lip products: lipsticks in acrylic storage containers from eBay, and lip glosses and lip pencils in wire mesh containers and lip balms and scrubs kept in a jar that I got in IKEA.

So that’s how I store everything at the moment! Hope you enjoyed this post. πŸ™‚

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11 Responses to #SBBC Day 19: Storage

  1. I would LOVE to rifle through your collection, so many pretty things! And it all looks so lovely and handy, but so neat and organised!

  2. lorrrrrraine says:

    Oh wow! That shelf looks so handy.

  3. My jaw literally just dropped i love all your storage! I am eyeing a few things up on Ikea’s website lately so hoping that hubby takes the hint for Christmas πŸ™‚ xx

  4. I want to get some of those book cases after seeing them on a few blogs, they look so handy! Great storage, any chance I can just call over and have a root for an hour? πŸ˜‰ x

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