#SBBC day 17: A photo from my day

Driving to work, booking rail tickets for the Galway Bloggers Meetup, checking out USA drugstore makeup

Today was a particularly miserable day… It was lashing when I was on my way to work and as some of you who follow me on Twitter may know I got some particularly bad news today so it was a glum day all round! I tried to cheer myself up this evening by booking my train tickets to the Bloggers Meetup in Galway for Saturday and then checking out *all* of the American drugstore makeup online. I have a friend visiting me next week from Boston and she is going to try pick up a few bits for me! She’s also bringing over some bits that I ordered and got delivered to her. It’s going to be very exciting! 😉

I’m so blessed to have wonderful friends and today proved that to me! *Hugs* for you all!

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6 Responses to #SBBC day 17: A photo from my day

  1. colette says:

    A bit of online retail therapy always helps on a bad day. Hope tomorrow is much better for you!

  2. Sorry to hear you had a bad day, hope today is a good one xxx

  3. Bet today is better and the American makeup sounds VERY exciting!

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