#SBBC Day 14: Posts I am proudest of

I have to cheat on this one as I can’t nominate just one post…

Personal posts are particularly hard for me. I don’t like to feel so vulnerable. For that reason my “A Letter to 13 year old me” stands out in my memory.

My initial “Thin Thursday” post and the one just after it stand out for similar reasons… In face that entire series does and it’s one I keep meaning to get back to!

My first makeup look was another one that was a big step for me – but I do prefer some of the makeup looks I have done since then… 😉

But I think the posts I am proudest of are the post where I first floated the idea of #JuneBBC (here) and the post outlining the topics for #SBBC. A lot of work went into them and I am really proud of how the two challenges have and are turning out!

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