#SBBC Day 13: Beauty DIY – Precious Polish

I had thought of lots of things I could do for this post but then I had a ‘eureka’ moment so this DIY post isn’t about anything I have or will do… Instead I want to focus on my fabulous blogger friend Anita (of Anita’s Beauty Spot) who has taken matters into her own hands and is DIYing her own nail varnish!

Anita Precious polish

Given recent restraints on posting polish it is getting more and more difficult for us here in Ireland to get our hands on good Indie nail polish. Anita is going to be creating her own lines but is also available for making custom blends (within reason) which I think would be a fabulous gift for bridesmaids, brides etc.

Anita has just launched her first line of glitter topcoats called Glitterazzi but I know there are a lot more to come! 😉 Some of which I am particularly excited about!

The Glitterazzi range

All of her polishes are 5 Free- DPB FREE, Formaldehyde FREE, Formaldehyde Resin FREE, Toluene FREE and Camphor FREE. All glitters used are solvent resistant so they won’t bleed into your polish. All polishes are made to order and have a shelf life of 12+ months.

Please check them out at Precious Polish – let her know I sent you! 😉

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6 Responses to #SBBC Day 13: Beauty DIY – Precious Polish

  1. I’m excited for Anita, such a great idea! I ordered a custom polish from her yesterday and I can’t wait until it arrives, fair play to her for making great use of a gap in the market x

  2. ltbeautyblog says:

    These look really good! I love a good Indie polish. The purple & blue ones are my favourites

  3. Aw thank you so much for posting this hun. Really appreciate the support from you and all the lovely bloggers I’ve been talking to xx

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