#SBBC Day 12: Comparison – Emjoi & Pixy Foot creams

I hate feet. I may as well be honest about it. I hate all feet – even my own! As a result they can end up pretty neglected. One of the side effects of being diabetic is poor blood flow in outer limbs and feet are the most frequently effected. I’m not sure if this is the reason for my incredibly dry skin on my feet – but I feel like there is a link! With that in mind I occasionally buy foot creams… And invariably get bored of them shortly afterwards because they are messy and too much effort! Yet here I am, Day 12 of #SBBC and it’s foot creams that I am comparing – wonders will never cease! 😛

Emoji Micro Pedi Ultra Finishing Foot Cream; Pixy Coconut Foot Cream

Emoji Micro Pedi Ultra Finishing Foot Cream;
Pixy Coconut Foot Cream

*Emjoi Micro Pedi Ultra Finishing Foot Cream:
Smells like a posh mint chocolate; lovely and subtle.
Absorbs quickly into the skin.
Comes in a 100ml tube.
Costs €9.95 and is available online (here) and in selected stockists nationwide.
Designed for use after using their Micro Pedi system.

Pixy Coconut Foot Cream:
Smells of coconut and holidays.
Absorbs quickly into the skin.
Comes in a 50ml metal tin.
Costs €9.95 on their website (here) and in selected stockists nationwide.
Made in Ireland from mainly natural ingredients.

The main differences are scent – which I feel is a very personal choice – and cost. The Emjoi foot cream is twice the volume of the Pixy offering although they both retail for the same price. You could argue that the more expensive packaging and the natural ingredients are worth this difference. For me, I have to be honest and say that I love both of these creams. I use whichever one I lay my hand to first when I am looking for a foot cream and will likely repurchase both of them when they run out. I think the main draw for me with these is that they aren’t the normal peppermint scent which I associate with foot creams.

Do you use a foot cream? Have you tried either of these?

*The Emjoi foot cream featured in this post was one I received in a goody bag at a blogger meetup. The Pixy cream I purchased myself.

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9 Responses to #SBBC Day 12: Comparison – Emjoi & Pixy Foot creams

  1. Aisling says:

    I also hate feet, esp my feet! I must look out for the Pixy foot cream though because my feet get wrecked from heels in work, and it would be nice to give them some TLC. Though I do like the thought of posh mint chocolate too! x

  2. RaraGiggles says:

    I need a good foot cream, I never moisturise mine! Am lucky if my legs got some! Must get some 🙂 great post hun!xx

  3. I’m fine with my own feet, but I haven’t been able to bend down to look after them for months now – I’ve always had hard skin on them (when I say hard, I mean seriously like Rhino thick), probably from being shoeless 99% of the time, but I find the only thing that works to soften mine is the Scholl cracked heel repair cream. Dealz sell little tubes of it and you only need a tiny bit, bargain! I haven’t tried either of these ones, but I remember a lovely Peppermint one years ago from The Body Shop x

  4. I was never one for foot cream, but during the summer I cracked out that emjoi cream and really saw a difference! I love the smell of it! I am not a coconut fan at all, but may get it for my mom because she’d probably love it! Great comparison bud:D

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