#SBBC Day 10: Favourite clothing item

I have a few items of clothing that I love but one in particular stands out to me at the moment and that’s my ‘bird dress’. I actually have two of these in different colours. Both were purchased from Evans but in different seasons. I love the three quarter length sleeve and the skater style.

In case I haven’t already mentioned – I love this dress. It’s really comfy yet can be worn casually or dressed up as needed. The fit is perfect on me – I just wish that it came in other colours and patterns. Unfortunately I have worn this dress to death. I now threaten my sister with it for every occasion as she is fed up seeing me wearing it. You should hear the *sigh* when she sees me approaching in it! 😉 (In face, I’m pretty sure she’ll have sighed when she saw this post… But she’s probably laughing by now! Hi sis!!)

Another dress that I love is this one from SimplyBe.ie.

Peek a boo dress from Simplybe.ie

I got it last year for my cousins wedding and got loads of compliments about it. There haven’t been many occasions that I have gotten to wear it but I’m keeping it handy just in case! 🙂 It looks great with red accessories and a red lip!

It’s strange really as during the week in work I would never consider wearing a dress. I think I associate them with being off work. What are your ‘go to’ pieces? Do you have a different fashion persona depending on the context?

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10 Responses to #SBBC Day 10: Favourite clothing item

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you in a skater dress! It would suit you so well. The top two will be so easy to dress down for A/W!

  2. They’re all gorgeous, I love a dress with sleeves! I have an old faithful from Penneys that I got ages & ages ago that I dig out for everything, navy with chiffon sleeves. I got a lovely one from New Look last year that I swore I’d wear more often because it has a bit of colour in it, but have only worn it one… no good with clothes! x

  3. theoxfordowl says:

    Both styles look so pretty! 🙂 I can’t imagine not wearing dresses during the week though, that’s my basic “uniform” when I can’t be bothered 😛 So much easier than co-ordinating two pieces!

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