#SBBC Day 9: Incorporating Colour into your look

I tend to be quite conservative when it comes to colour in my clothes. I have a few items of clothing in purple, a red dress, a burgundy top… Nothing too out there to be honest! One thing I am adventurous with colour in though is my makeup. This is a relatively new thing to me as for years I went either for browns or greys and nothing else. Lately however, as you have seen, I am getting more adventurous! I have even worn some pretty colourful makeup looks out in public!

I think eyes, lips and nails are all great ways to incorporate colour into your look but unfortunately some of these elements are less work appropriate than others. Nails I can kinda get away with – red lips or colourful eyes are not as acceptable unfortunately!

For this autumn I am going to try be more adventurous in relation to colour… It will be a challenge though! I already have some colourful tights that I haven’t braved wearing and I am going to accessorise more with colourful jewellery and scarves… I figure if I take it in small steps that I will get there eventually!

Wish me luck! 😛

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6 Responses to #SBBC Day 9: Incorporating Colour into your look

  1. I am loving your adventurous looks lately, and it’s inspiring me to try more too! I will be trying to wear more colour this autumn too!

  2. lorrrrrraine says:

    You’re so brave! I haven’t got the face for brights really, but love seeing ’em on others x

    • Thanks but I’m not that brave really. I’ve been experimenting with colour at home for ages and only recently for brave enough to wear it out! The Ooh La La Awards were the first night I wore a really colourful look out and I wore a strong monochrome look for the Cocoa Brown afternoon tea so perhaps the bravery will keep up… Just need to see if my social life allows it! 😉

  3. I always feel like an eejit when I do bright eyes or lips and I wish I had the confidence to wear them out in public! I bought a lovely berry lipstick the other day and I was going to wear it out but it looked so…obvious that I took it off again :/

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