#SBBC Day 3: What I bring travelling…

I am not good at packing to travel… I tend to just fill the boot of the car and off I go! I bring a makeup bag with as much stuff as I think I may need – you can see a post on one such makeup bag here. Some of the stuff has changed again and I have reduced the number of items slightly so if you would like an updated post let me know!

I also did a post on what I brought when I went abroad last December to show a very much reduced collection that was suitable for bringing in hand luggage (here).

For hair/shower/skincare I tend to decant products into small tubs or bottles and opt for multi-use products when I can.

Aside from beauty products when I am travelling abroad I am reknowned for always having to have a tour guide book. My family think it’s hilarious and refer to it as ‘the book’ with emphasis on the ‘oooo’ just to tease me. I love having a book to see what the local sights are and to be able to flick through it at a later date to revisit happy memories. 🙂 

What do you bring when travelling?

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6 Responses to #SBBC Day 3: What I bring travelling…

  1. Love this consise packing!! I try to narrow it down when packing, same as yourself small shampoor, gels. I usually save the ones i get from hotels and re-use the bottles!

  2. Ah yeah, a tour guide book is a necessity, i’d feel I was missing out otherwise! Has to have a map in it too! 😉

  3. I think it’s so handy to have a travel book! Especially with a map that clearly marks the local attractions!! Seeing a lot of soap and glory stuff in there! Really need to get some of there stuff…

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