#SBBC day 3: An item of great sentimental importance

Meet Panda Bear.

He is a bear of very great importance! 😉

There is some debate over when exactly I got Panda Bear but it was either when I was born or for my first birthday… I’m not quite sure what that makes him in bear years! 😛 He has been my companion on some of my greatest journeys – both in travel and in emotional terms. He’s not always in my bed – but when I’ve had a tough day he is always there to comfort me. He has been to America, Australia, Spain… I’ve stopped bringing him travelling though as I am afraid he would get lost and/or that he could get ‘injured’ if Customs thought he had an alternative motive!

I ❤ him!

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11 Responses to #SBBC day 3: An item of great sentimental importance

  1. OH my good god your mind works EXACTLY the same as mine, i dont bring mine with me traveling either for fear of him getting lost…. 🙂 He is lovely!!

  2. Sharon says:

    Aww, he’s adorable! I have a Roland Rat from when I was about 18 months old and I would never bring him anywhere, and a nudey Cabbage Patch Doll that I really should get some clothes for!! x

  3. Aw i love your panda so cute, and i don’t blame you for not travelling with him anymore i don’t with mine always afraid something will happen if i don’t have him in my hand luggage! xx

  4. Yesterday my Mum found a one eyed Barney that belonged to my lil Sister in the shed, her Son ran over, grabbed the smelly thing from her and cuddled it and everyone was like Awwww Barney lives for another generation lol. I still have my Pound Puppies as a dog is for life not just for Christmas 🙂

  5. Aww Panda Bear is so cute! I’m the same with my purple hippo:) I still keep my giraffe family on my bed and all! When the bed is being remade they get pride of place beside the pillow.

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