#SBBC Participants list

When I organised #JuneBBC I did a list of all those participating in it and was told people found it helpful so I am trying to do the same this time around. I’m putting up the rough draft of it now so that people can check out others posts but there will likely be additions. If you are left off this list please let me know in the comments so I can add you! To date there are 39 participants that I have counted but I have possibly missed some as I am trying to keep up to date with posts on my mobile during the working day which isn’t ideal.

A Little Bit of Makeup and Beauty

A Little Infinity

Alyssia Rose

Anita’s Beauty Spot

Aoife in Wonderland


Beauty Angel

Behind Green Eyes

Buckets of Blush

Cherry Blossom Pretty

Doll House Blog

Eye of the Beholder

Flailing Penguin Beauty

Flutterby my Life in Shoesnthings

Girl Fridays Beauty Blog

Glitter and Sparkle

Glitter Mama Wishes

Inked Pixie

Irish Girl in London

It’s Only Me xox


Mon Petit Blog

My Life as Mum

My Stepping Stone

Nail Affair

Naked Beauty Blog

Natalie’s World

Nurse Fancy Pants

Ohh… Kaye

Perfectly Imperfect Beauty

Pink Sugar

Pretty Kitty

Pretty Purple Polka Dots

Rachy Raves

Rara Giggles

Red Lips, Red Hair

She’s Looking at the Stars

The Blonde Life

The Glitter Vixen

The World in my Wardrobe

Too Many Muffins

Total Makeup Addict

Very Lovely Stuff

Views from a Tin Bin


If you discover any ‘glitches’ please let me know!

Another good way to keep up to date with the various #SBBC posts is to check out the tag on twitter. Hope you are all enjoying the challenge so far!

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19 Responses to #SBBC Participants list

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  2. Jo says:

    Add me please – shoesnthings.wordpress.com x

  3. Sharon says:

    I thought I had read everyones but I missed LOADS of people! Oops!

  4. Inked Pixie says:

    Awesome thanks!! I’ll dive into reading after I finish my post!

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  7. Orla says:

    I’m also joining in! 🙂

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