#SBBC Day 2: Favourite jewellery

I own a lot of costume jewellery. I love being able to co-ordinate with outfits on special occasions but I’m not into wearing much jewellery so I don’t have anything too expensive. I don’t even wear a watch on an ongoing basis since mine gave up the ghost about 2 years ago! There are two things I own that I do love the opportunity to wear – both look good (in my opinion) but also have sentimental value.

I love these earrings and they go with lots of stuff as they have lots of colours in them. I bought them in Australia about 11 years ago and I’m amazed they’ve lasted. As you can see there has been some wear and tear on the chains out of them but luckily nothing that renders them unwearable. They were bought in a shop similar to Claire’s accessories in a sale and were a very rare gem. The only downside to these is that they are quite heavy so I do tend to have to take them off after a few hours. Doesn’t stop me wearing them though! 😛

The other item I love is one that I received for my last significant birthday… A gorgeous Newbridge silver bracelet.

Image taken from the Newbridge Silver website

You can’t see the fabulous detail on this bracelet but it comprises of about 50 tiny heart outlines threaded onto a lovely silver bracelet. It reminds me of a fabulous night surrounded by friends and family when I felt *very* loved.

So that’s two of my favourite pieces. Are they the kind of things that you would wear?

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11 Responses to #SBBC Day 2: Favourite jewellery

  1. Aoife says:

    That Newbridge bracelet is incredible. I have a few necklaces and a watch from their collections but no bracelets (or rings 😉 ) as of yet. Maybe one day. . .

  2. Love the earrings, I’m big into butterflies, very pretty!

  3. Emily Jane says:

    those earrings are so, so beautiful! I’d wear that bracelet regularly if I owned it. Love silver pieces as they’re so versatile and easy to match to your clothing.


  4. Glitter Mama says:

    Ooooh you know how much I love them butterfly earrings, the colour of the gems are great, go with everything. Beautiful bracelet, very unusual with all the heats, cute x

  5. Sharon says:

    I never wear a watch either, husband has an obsession with watches and has bought me several but I can’t stand the feeling of them on my wrists! Your earrings are gorgeous, and I love the meaning behind the bracelet, it seems like a really happy reminder of a good time x

    • It was a fabulous night! 🙂

      I stopped wearing a watch in advance of my sisters wedding cos I didn’t want a mark left… Before that I was obsessed with them and now I just can’t tolerate them!

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