#SBBC – My First post

Wow – it’s finally here! This has been an amazing day as I have spent half of it reading the #SBBC posts of others. So many people are taking part that I have to be honest and say I am completely overwhelmed! It’s not just the #irishbbloggers that have gotten behind this either as I know we have some from further afield taking part too. I honestly can’t believe that an idea that came to me back in May has so quickly spiralled to something this big!

I’ve explained a bit about my beauty challenges in past posts. This all started when I did Blog every Day May – a lifestyle blog challenge run by Rosallium. It was the first challenge that I completed and I really saw the difference it made to me, and to my blog! I felt more organised and focussed and I was seeing a large increase in views and followers when I was less sporadic in my posting. I decided to challenge myself to do a beauty post every day in June and so #JuneBBC was born… Out of that came the idea to run another blog challenge with some changes made and here is #SBBC!

What do I want out of #SBBC?
I think as the organiser I end up with a very different experience of #SBBC to the rest of the bloggers taking part. Each day I will be trying to read, retweet, share and comment on blogs of the other participants – as well as trying to blog daily! I’ve recently completed over 100 days of blogging daily so I know I can do that bit… I now need to work on other elements while maintaining my consistency in writing. I want to use this opportunity to give others the postive boost that #BEDM gave to me… And maybe they’ll even promote me in turn!

#SBBC is a chance to discover new blogs and hopefully new blogger friends. It is an opportunity to interact with new people (as well as the ‘old’ friends I have made) and share what blogging means to us. I love the camaraderie that came with #JuneBBC and it is great to see that some of the people that did that challenge have also joined with #SBBC.

I never thought that #JuneBBC would take off like it did and now #SBBC seems set to eclipse it totally. Who knows – these blog challenges might become an ongoing thing!

Are you doing #SBBC? What do you like (or dislike) about blog challenges?

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18 Responses to #SBBC – My First post

  1. Is it too late to join? Is there specific subjects to blog each day? If not I did blog today so maybe I can still join from now?

  2. I’m so glad it started! I’m excited to get back into blogging every day, and the friendships gained! This is gonna be a great one:) Here’s to the next 30!

  3. Loving this already, reading everyone’s posts today was great! Can’t wait for the rest of the month!

  4. Can’t believe how quick this came around. I loved the encouragement from everyone last time, and catching up with everyone else’s blogs at the end of the day – definitely looking forward to so many people taking part this time around, hopefully there’ll be an even greater sense of camaraderie!

  5. I’ve been looking at the hastags all day and really wanted to be a part of it, so I joined! Really hope I can keep up with the pace and can’t wait to see how everyone interprets each topic! x

    • I think we all forget that a blog post can be as long or short as we want. Sometimes we go days posting nothing because we feel it needs to be a long post when a picture and 4/5 lines would be better than nothing! 😉

  6. Loving it so far hun, such a great idea!!

  7. Loved reading everyone’s posts so far. Can’t wait for the rest of the month now!

  8. Sharon says:

    Love it so far, really enjoy reading all the posts xx

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