Oriflame eye makeup looks

As you all know I was at the Oriflame event in Avoca Suffolk Street last week. I’ve been playing with some of the many products we were generously gifted so this post is going to focus on some of the eye makeup products – eyeshadow duo, kajal and mascara.

Oriflame eyeshadow duo grey/ice kajal and 2FX Mascara

Oriflame products (top to bottom): Eyeshadow duo in grey/ice, kajal in Carbon Black and 2FX Mascara in Black

Using just these products I managed to come up with two looks. Firstly I went for a very simple look using the eyeshadow duo. I used the lighter shade in the inner 2/3 of the eyelid and then the darker colour on the outer 1/3 and blended into the crease. I lined the eyes with the kajal and applied two coats of the mascara.

This would make a very quick going out look and I actually really liked it. The shadows were easy to blend and we nicely pigmented. I’m in two minds about the mascara – from afar my lashes looked lovely but they weren’t as nice as usual up close.

On the  night of the event the MUA did a look basically just using the kajal for a smokey eye. It wasn’t something I would have tried before but I was inspired having seen it…

Oriflame kajal mascara

I think it turned out quite well and am glad that I tried it. I applied the kajal on the lid and blended it out well. I then repeated this step to increase the pigmentation. I applied a small amount of the ice/grey eyeshadow duo over it to make it a little less stark. Again, two coats of mascara finished the look.

What do you think of these looks? Would you have created two such different eyeshadow looks using the exact same products?


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