Oriflame Lip Impact Crayon – Electric Red and Deep Berry

Okay, so I couldn’t go to bed without trying at least some of my Oriflame goodies and these beauts were just crying out to me. I am a massive lip crayon fan and regularly reach for my Inglot and Urban Decay lip crayons. I find the Inglot ones can be quite matte but I love the glossy sheen from the Urban Decay ones (post here). The Inglot lip crayons retail at €15 from what I can recall and the Urban Decay version are €19.50. I was interested to see how the offering from Oriflame would fare in comparison given that they are only €8.25 in the upcoming catalogue and even at full price are a mere €12.45.

Oriflame lip impact crayon electric red Electric Red is the kind of colour I automatically veer towards and I feel like this is a really wearable red. It’s pigmented yet not in your face.

Oriflame Lip Impact crayon Deep berry

Deep Berry is what I would describe as an ‘Autumn’ colour. It is a rich colour with a tint of brown to it. I would love this with a nice neutral eye for a day time look in Autumn so this is the perfect time of year to get my hands on it!

Both of these crayons applied beautifully! It sounds really strange but I almost felt that my lips were being nourished and massaged as I applied them. They’re so soft that I do wonder what their lasting power will be like but one of the things that I love about lip crayons is that they are *so* easy to reapply. I feel that both of these products will easily become staples in my makeup bag – in fact I am already eyeing up the catalogue we were given to see what other colours I might like! The catalogue (with all it’s offers) is valid from Saturday coming til September 27th and with these lip crayons at such a bargainous price it would be mad not to buy them… Wouldn’t it? 😉

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7 Responses to Oriflame Lip Impact Crayon – Electric Red and Deep Berry

  1. Ooh, love that first red. Very pretty.

  2. Wow they’re soooo pigmented, and glossy! I love the look of them 😀 xx

  3. Sharon says:

    They look lovely! How do you get a catalogue, do you have to have a local rep? x

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