Sunday Shopping – August 25th 2013

I travelled to Dublin today to meet a friend and her younglings for a cinema trip – finally got to see Despicable Me 2. Well worth the wait! I also had it in my head to do some shopping… I have been lusting after a Filofax/personal organiser for the last few weeks. I’ve had a lot on and once or twice have double booked myself so it was time to work on my organisation skills. Filofax products are insanely expensive so I have been watching out for a bargain. I was told that TK Maxx sometimes do them so I had a look there even though I dread the place normally. Unfortunately there was nothing vaguely resembling a Filofax to be found…

Paperchase Personal Organiser, rotating storage and double sided mirror - both from TK Maxx

Paperchase Personal Organiser, rotating storage and double sided mirror – both from TK Maxx

While in TK Maxx I did stumble across a rotating storage unit for a mere €8.99 that will be great for storing some brushes and bits and pieces to keep to hand for when I am at my desk. I also found a fabulous double sided magnifying mirror for only €9.99. This will be great as I have been using my mirror from my MUA kit and am terrified I will forget to put it back. They also had some lovely acrylic storage for only €16.99 but I have enough of that at the moment so managed to resist!

I managed to find my (almost) perfect organiser in Paperchase in House of Fraser. It only set me back a mere €23 which was a bargain in comparison to the Filofax brand ones and it seems to be just as good quality! I love the colour and the only thing that would make this better is if it would zip closed although that wasn’t a deal breaker. Paperchase also do some lovely inserts but their range wasn’t as wide as the Filofax one and I’m not sure that the Filofax ones would fit. I’m going to have a look on Etsy as some of the sellers on there customise inserts so I may get some made up if there are others I need. For now the ‘to do’, address and diary inserts should be enough!

The only other things I purchased were two single duvet covers for my spare room… No makeup bought today – I must be coming down with something! Hope you all had a good Sunday and a great weekend overall. Let me know what you got up to!

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6 Responses to Sunday Shopping – August 25th 2013

  1. Regina says:

    Was a lovely day! Fantastic seeing you again xx

  2. I love diaries. I have a diary which fits Filofax paper – I wouldn’t know what was going on without it!

    • I’m no good usually at keeping up with these things but between work, medical appointments and blog stuff I think that needs to change! Any advice on what inserts you find most useful?

  3. I love the colour of your personal organiser! I don’t normally like fighting around TK but you did get some great bargains so maybe I should do more often.

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