Ebay bargain: Foundation pump

Okay, this is a bit of a strange one but as an avid user of Estee Lauders Double Wear foundation one of the things that irks me about it is that you have to pour out the foundation and there is no way to control the amount dispensed. I recently found a solution online so I snapped it up immediately.

I bought this non-branded pump from eBay and it cost me about €5.70. It only took a week to arrive which is great as sometimes eBay takes forever depending on where the item is being shipped from.

I trimmed the bottom of the pipe just a bit as I felt it was a bit too long and it was quickly onto the bottle so I could try it out. I love how neat it is and the perfect amount that it pumps out. I think this is going to reduce the amount of wastage significantly and the pump can be moved to my next bottle so the expenditure will pay for itself in no time at all.

Apparently this pump also fits some MAC foundations and I’m sure if you are using another brand that if you do a search you will find something similar on eBay. To be honest, I feel like you can get pretty much anything there!

Do you use pump foundations? What other handy bits and bobs have you gotten from eBay?

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8 Responses to Ebay bargain: Foundation pump

  1. Debs Leonard says:

    Good post. I’m a MUA and have a few spare MAC pumps and never even thought of trying them on my doublewear foundation. THANKS great tip x Debs x

  2. TooManyMuffins says:

    That’s a deadly find! I’ve no foundations that need a pump but at least I know now what to do!x

  3. That is such a great solution! I have the exact same problem with foundations, so much so that I now never buy anything that doesn’t come either in a tube or with a pump. Will do this in future, thanks for the great post =D

  4. You are a legend for posting this. I have a bottle of EL Doublewear and I was wasting so much product due to the lack of pump! Seriously smart solution, much obliged!! x

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