Cocoa Brown Lovely Lady Afternoon Tea

On Saturday I had the pleasure of being in the company of some of the loveliest bloggers I know and the team from one of my very favourite companies ever – Cocoa Brown! As part of the launch of Tough Stuff body scrub Marissa Carter and her team had organised a fabulous blogger Afternoon Tea with about 40 of us invited to attend. It took place in the gorgeous Radisson Blu St Helens and if you think the hotel looks impressive – it was nothing in comparison to what was organised inside!

cocoa brown bloggers afternoon tea

Each place setting had a sachet of Tough Stuff laid out on it and there were ample cake stands laid out with sandwiches, scones and pastries. The staff were great and ensured that we were kept supplied with tea, coffee and water as needed. There was an *lot* of talking going on so it was essential to keep hydrated! 😉

Marissa gave a very heartfelt thank you to all of us for having helped give her products the exposure that they have had and helping make them a success. I really think Marissa needs to take more of the credit though as if she didn’t engage with us the way she does there probably wouldn’t be the same level of interaction – no matter how good the product is! I know it has meant a lot to me and to other bloggers that Marissa has taken the time to get to know each of us individually and was able to greet us all by name when we met! The fact that she has also spoilt us rotten with this afternoon tea and previously with the bloggers lunch in the Shelbourne have been lovely treats but quite unnecessary in many ways!

The smaller details on the tables were absolutely lovely with lots of little place cards with tea oriented quotes on them hidden about the place – just in case we needed a conversation starter! I think if I ever need to throw a fancy dinner party I will be asking the Cocoa Brown team to help with the presentation because it is always amazing!

No 7 blushers mascara eyeshadow lip stain get rich blogging book

Marissa and the team had organised a small pop quiz as part of the fun and Katrina from Pretty Kitty and Yaz from Glitter Mama Wishes both managed to tie for the prize of “Get Rich Blogging” written by blogger Zoe Griffin. Luckily Marissa had two copies! Other prizes were a subscription to Image Magzine and a voucher for Saba. Saba also contributed a discount voucher to each of the goody bags – which also included goodies from No7 (as Cocoa Brown is now stocked in Boots) and a discount voucher for Midas Hair Design.

I had another party to attend that night so it was hard to go very pink in my makeup. Instead I went for a very monochrome eye – using white eyeliner instead of black to mix things up a bit! I got loads of compliments on it throughout the day but I’m not sure I would wear it again. Maybe it’s just the colour I was missing. It might be something I play around with a bit to experiment! I paired this up with my Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Adrenaline for a bold pink lip. 

I really loved my nails for the day however and will be very sad when I have to take them off. I really should do it for work tomorrow but I’m going to see if I can get away with it for a few days! Anyway, my nails were Shellac Tutti Frutti which is a hot pink with a slight blue tone irridesence through it. I used a gunmetal glitter on the tips and faded it out very slightly down the nail. I really love this look and will be investing in more glitters to try it with other colours.

So, that’s the lowdown on my Saturday afternoon. Thanks again to Marissa and the team for a wonderful day! I was so sorry I had to rush away as I didn’t get to speak to a fraction of the people I wanted to but hopefully next time I will be under less pressure!

*PS: Marissa also let us in on a few things that Cocoa Brown have to look forward to… But they’re embargoed for now! 😉 Watch this space!

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12 Responses to Cocoa Brown Lovely Lady Afternoon Tea

  1. Aww looks like a great day, love Marissa!

  2. Still think your eyes looked amazing! 🙂 Thank you so much for everything really can’t thank you enough and it was such a pleasure to meet you. If there is ever a next time i definitely won’t be as nervous it will be pure excitement 🙂 ~Also i am still starstruck ha ha

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  4. Sharon says:

    Your eye makeup is stunning, so are your nails. I’d have been gutted to have to remove that too! Sounds like a lovely afternoon, it’s really nice when someone goes to an extra effort with little details. x

  5. Maria Vole says:

    Hey, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award – check out the details here:

    Maria x

  6. I loved your nails so much 😀 Thank you so much for helping me out on the day, you’re a superstar 😀 xxx

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