Camomile Makeup Removal Collection from The Body Shop

I recently received a lovely package of two items from the new Camomile Makeup removal collection from the Body Shop PR. I’d heard great things about it so was thrilled to finally get to try them for myself.

Camomile Make-up removal collection Body Shop Waterproof eyemakeup remover Sumptuous cleansing butter

First up I want to talk about the Sumptuous Cleansing Butter. This retails for €14.95 and comes in a beautiful sturdy tin packaging. The butter itself looks more like a lard but it immediately liquefies on contact with the skin and basically breaks down your makeup. I use this to massage my makeup off all but around my eyes and I find it works a treat – even with my Double Wear foundation which is notoriously difficult to budge! The scent is amazing!! I’m really scent sensitive and I have had to stop using products because of the scents not suiting me in the past but this is a product I could honestly wear as a perfume. A little goes a long way with this so it seems to be great value for money. This is *definitely* something I will be repurchasing! Love, love, LOVE!

The second item I received was the Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover. This retails for €13.50 for 150ml. It’s a dual-phase formula so you shake it up before use. Unlike other dual-phase eye makeup removers that I have used it actually stays mixed for a nice length of time allowing you the luxury of getting your makeup off without getting repetitive strain from shaking the bottle. It takes almost 15 minutes for it to fully separate (yes, I did time it!) once shaken up. I love that this doesn’t leave an oily residue on your skin. It’s been brilliant at removing eyeliner and waterproof mascara with very little effort. I’m really enjoying using this product and it’s allowed me to experiment a lot more with eye makeup looks when I can remove the makeup so easily.

In this range you will also find a gentle eye makeup remover (RRP €12.50), a Silky Cleansing Oil (RRP €17.20) and Muslin cloths (RRP €3.90 each). I’m really thrilled to see the Body Shop back stocking muslin cloths as it is where I bought my very first ones many moons ago and they were great quality! Mammy Friday has been asking me to get her some new ones so I will be popping in-store to get some – and possibly picking up the Cleansing oil while I am at it!

I think the Body Shop are onto a real winner with a range that is specifically targeted at makeup removal. As someone who doesn’t wear makeup daily I really do feel that my skin has different needs on ‘makeup days’ than it does on ‘naked’ days and I am loving these products for that! Well done Body Shop – I’ll be in to congratulate you in person soon! 😉

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8 Responses to Camomile Makeup Removal Collection from The Body Shop

  1. Another fan of The Camomile range here, the cleansing butter is gorgeous.

  2. I really want to try this range out!

  3. gemmydodgers says:

    I love these! great post! x

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