Review: He-Shi Quick + Easy One Day Tan

Picture the scene – there’s a family wedding at 1:30pm. Your mother has been getting ready all morning. Nails are done, makeup done, accessories all perfectly matched. It’s now 1pm and the dress is on. The sudden realisation that her legs are shades lighter than her upper body as she has been cycling and walking lots but almost always wearing full length bottoms! PANIC! What do you do in the 20 minutes you have left? Is it possible to even do anything in that length of time other than stick on a pair of tights? The good news is yes!

Luckily for Mammy Friday for some unknown reason I had brought the He-Shi tan I got at the Slatterys event down with me and as I knew it was just a daily tan I grabbed it and a mitt and off we went! We decided that it was worth the chance and worst case scenario we could grab a pair of tights for her if needed.

He Shi Quick Easy One Day tan Tinted bronzing gel

Now, bearing in mind that this was 1pm and the wedding was at 1:30 in a church about 10 minutes away the pressure was really on. We didn’t have time to do any extra exfoliation so I was quite worried in case there were dry patches that the tan would cling to!

The tan (as you can see in the pictures) comes in a tube and the chocolate-y looking gel is easily squeezed out onto the mitt. It was very easy to rub in and left a lovely natural looking colour where it was applied. The gel promises to dry within 2 minutes so between application and letting it dry we were organised within 10 minutes – no mean feat! we even had time to take some pics of herself and Daddy Friday in all their finery before they headed off for the day! They made a very handsome looking couple! 🙂

The colour came up beautifully when it was applied and darkened slightly over the next few hours without going too dark. I couldn’t get over how natural it looked. When it was washed off the next morning it looked like there was a tint of colour left but I can’t really be sure.

I know this is a brief review but to be honest, how can you fault a product that gives the perfect colour so quickly and does exactly what it claims to? I am no expert at tanning and as we hadn’t planned on doing it the skin wasn’t exactly prepared so the fact that it didn’t go even slightly wrong is amazing.

I will be trying this again – on me –  so we’ll see how it turns out then but I know that Mammy Friday will likely nab this on me if I don’t do it soon! Might have to purchase her own bottle for her. This retails at about €20 and a little goes a long way so it won’t break the bank.

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2 Responses to Review: He-Shi Quick + Easy One Day Tan

  1. Ha ha there is always something last minute when going to a wedding! You saved the day 🙂

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