100 days

Can you believe it? I have now posted daily for 100 days! The funk that I had gotten into before doing #BEDM is well and truly a thing of the past and hopefully will not be coming back. In 100 days I have published 116 posts and I have a plan in my head for about another 40 so you are not going to get rid of me any time soon!

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#BEDM/Blog Every Day in May – This was the first ever challenge that I completed despite having started a few others in the past. The support I got from other #BEDM-ers was phenomenal and really spurred me on. During May I published 35 posts and gained 24 followers on Bloglovin and 30 through WordPress/email. My comments became more frequent and I was seeing the same names coming back again and again which was such a wonderful feeling.

#JuneBBC/June Beauty Bloggers Challenge – #BEDM inspired me so much but as it was mainly lifestyle posts I decided that I wanted to try find a Beauty Bloggers challenge to do for June. Unfortunately none were to be found so I got the mad idea of creating my own challenge… And stupidly mentioned it on twitter! Suddenly others were interested in the idea and I had no way to back out so off I went! I will forever love my #JuneBBC ladies for the encouragement and support that they gave – not just to me, but to each other. #JuneBBC was both nerve wrecking and exhilarating in equal parts. I published a massive 42 posts in June – that number still shocks me. During that month I passed three significant milestones: my 100th post, 100 followers and 11,000 views; and I gained 21 followers on Bloglovin’ and 27 on WordPress/email.

At this point I was almost afraid not to have a challenge to do in case I would fall back into my funk and stop blogging so I signed up to the Ultimate Blog Challenge/#blogboost. The aim of this challenge was to blog 31 times in July but it didn’t have to be daily. I completed the 31 posts but I have to be honest, in all other ways this challenge was a fail! The challenge promised lots of support at the outcome and not one bit of it was forthcoming. It took me forever to manage to get into the Facebook group – and when I did I was removed from it within days with no reason given! I received no interaction from the other members despite making a sincere effort in the early days to visit the blogs of others and in the end I just gave up. 😦

I was so disheartened with #blogboost that I changed my focus to this: to get to 100 consecutive days of blogging… And here I am! 😀

Some Stats: 
Prior to starting this 100 days of blogging I had only published 57 posts in total over a space of 10 months. I had 45 followers on WordPress/Email and 29 on Bloglovin’. On the last day of April 2013 I had a total of 5,403 views on the blog.
I now have 174 posts published (including this one!) and 144 blog followers on WordPress/email and 85 followers on Bloglovin. To this moment I have had 17,280 views on the blog. In July alone I had 4,622 views. 🙂 

The ‘Thank You’ bit:
I just want to say a massive thank you to every single one of you that reads my blog – you are all amazing!
A big thank you to GlitterMamaWishes for taking me along to my first big PR event and making me feel like a ‘real blogger’.
Thank you to Not Just Inside, Adorabubbles, Pretty Kitty, Rara GigglesAnita’s Beauty Spot, GlamourNazi, Nail Affair, Dancing with Disaster and all of my wonderful blogging beauties (I know I have had to leave loads of ye out!) for making me feel like I belong, encouraging me and just generally being wonderful human beings! Ye have made this girl very happy and feel very accepted and it is so appreciated!
Finally, thank you to my family – who don’t like me saying cheesy things online… 😉 Love you all!

Here’s to the next 100 days! 😛 If it’s half as good as the last 100 it will be one hell of a ride! 🙂

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12 Responses to 100 days

  1. I don’t know how you do it! What’s your secret, tell meeeee! I’d love to blog everyday. Well done and I’m so glad to have met you through this wonderful blogger community 🙂 xxx

    • I’m thrilled to have met you too! As for secret – I think it’s about 99% stubbornness to be honest. The more of you lovely ladies I meet the more I want to be sure I keep my place in our great little community so I just keep on blogging!

  2. Congrats hun. Another admirer here, would love to blog every day.Thanks for the shoutout, I’m delighted to have met you through our little community xxx

  3. RaraGiggles says:

    Well done hun, huge huge congrats!! You have some will power!! And thanks for the wee mention but I did nothing 🙂 am so glad to have met you lady, you have been such an amazing friend! Here’s to the next 100 😉 xx

  4. uknailrunner says:

    I really enjoyed reading – your post is very encouraging!

    I’m in a similar position to where you started, I’ll have been blogging six months on Sunday and I’m thinking about calling it a day. I’d set myself what I thought were modest targets (50 followers by end of April, 100 by end of June, 200 by end of September). I hit the first one, but everything seems to have got stuck now – I’m at 75 bloglovin followers and although I enjoy writing my posts and they are a sort of archive for myself, I’m starting to feel a bit silly spending hours writing stuff that nobody is reading. I need to get myself some sort of challenge like this too 😀

    • I’m running another blog challenge next month if you’d like to join in on it. All the details will be on the blog in the next week or so.

      As for feeling disheartened, my advice would be to ease up on the targets. Concentrate on producing good quality consistent content and the rest will come. 75 followers is great. That’s 75 people reading what you write and listening to what you say. There’s not many places/times that you get that type of attention so don’t think that it’s nothing!

  5. It has been fantastic to follow you on your journey, and to join you on #JuneBBC was a highlight of mine personally! You have done amazingly and you should be very proud of what you achieved. Can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve for next month challenge xx

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