Cocoa Brown – Tough Stuff

If you have read my previous Cocoa Brown review (here) you’ll know that I am a massive fan. If you follow me on Twitter (here) you’ll possibly have noticed that I recommend it every chance I get. I really love this tan and this brand. They have great products but also great social media interaction which I think really adds to the experience. For me, buying Cocoa Brown products is now like supporting a friend in a way – a friend that I am very proud of! Congrats to Marissa and the team for a job well done!

The hard work of the Cocoa Brown team is paying off as they seem to be well on the path to world domination. From a brand that was tough to find when I first heard about it, it has now become readily available – Penneys, Boots, some online retailers and most pharmacies now stock it! In addition to that it is no longer exclusively available in Ireland. Cocoa Brown can now be found in the UK and is soon to be launched in the USA… We can still say you saw it here first though!

To match the expansion of the availability it was only natural that the range of products would expand too. First we had the 1 Hour Tan, then Night and Day Tan and now we have Tough Stuff Body scrub.

I was lucky enough to get a sachet of this in the post last week and I couldn’t wait to try it out.  I suffer with very dry skin, particularly around my feet, so I have tried a wide variety of body scrubs and feel like a bit of an expert at this stage.

Tough Stuff is a runny scrub which means that it is suited to being used on dry skin if you want an extra exfoliation. I found that this was perfect for tougher areas such as my heels while not being overly abrasive. It can be used on wet or dry skin and I did a combination of both. I had some tan on already (Cocoa Brown of course!) so was also able to see how the scrub removed it! I found the scrub was the perfect texture. I was also impressed to see that all the ‘scrubby bits’ washed away easily in the shower as there is nothing worse than trying to rub them off when getting dried when you think they are gone. The scent of this scrub is lovely too which made using it an even nicer experience.

Overall I would highly recommend Tough Stuff. My only negative is the packaging which is a 50ml sachet but I have been told by the team that October-ish there will be a larger size on sale in a tube which is perfect for me! Currently Tough Stuff is RRP €2.99 and available anywhere that Cocoa Brown is sold as far as I am aware. I know for definite you can get it on Cloud10Beauty and I’m a big advocate of them too! 😉

Have you used this? Are you a fan of Cocoa Brown?

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